Steel That Exceeds Specs for Structural Integrity

Only the highest quality steel is used in the manufacture of our steel buildings and carport systems because then we know the steel we use meets or exceeds the various specifications for structural integrity called for by engineering.

When engineering calls for 60 – 65 KSI strength steel Absolute Steel uses 60 – 65 KSI steel. (65 KSI steel = 65,000 pounds of stress per square inch).  All steel in the components of an Absolute Steel metal building or carport system meet and/or exceed the criteria specified by independent engineering.

Tubular steel construction requires steel that meets engineering specifications.
To purchase otherwise is an invitation for trouble (see below).

No lateral strength

A ‘discount’ carport that was designed with low-grade steel. Once lateral force (wind) was applied, the steel weakened and gave out. Absolute Steel structures are engineered to stand up to lateral stress.

However, it WAS cheap.

An example of a carport that, although inexpensive, was NOT engineered for local environmental factors or soil conditions. Our carports are engineered to withstand 140 MPH sustained winds.

High winds took it away

Another example of a steel structure frame NOT engineered. Ideally, the soft cover on this frame should have broken away before the steel frame collapsed. Our frames have withstood Hurricane Katrina’s winds.

The Costs of Liability

Using steel, as specified by engineering, is cost effective. The difference amounts to a very small upward adjustment in the overall cost of a metal building or any type of carport system. The long term cost effectiveness by avoiding public or property damage pays for itself many times over.

Chose a reputable vendor who supplies you what you believe you’re purchasing.

The Meaning of “Certified”

For clarification purposes, the word  “Certified” as a representation that a steel structure is engineered is misleading and false. If the plans along with the structural calculations have a licensed professional engineer’s stamp and wet signature then that structure is engineered.

Writing CERTIFIED on a set of drawings does not mean they are an engineered set of plans nor, one might assume, is the structure engineered. For if it was, why wouldn’t they just supply engineering?

Make Your Next Project a Relationship, Not a Liability

Make your next project a relationship, not a liability

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