Steel Building Kits – Preparing Your Site

Once you’ve chosen where to set up a steel building, it’s time to prepare your site.

If you’re planning on putting your metal building or carport on an existing concrete slab, you usually won’t have to deal with this provided the slab is thick enough around the edges. If so, about all the preparation you’ll need is a bit of sweeping, or perhaps hosing away any dirt or dust.

If what you’ve got is bare ground, preparations are just a bit more involved. But not much.

Prepared Ground

Preparing an area of ground for a building is fairly simple – all you’re trying to do is create a smooth, level, firm surface.

First, you’ll need to remove any vegetation, rocks and debris. This is strictly shovel and rake work. You might need a pickaxe to dig out more stubborn rocks or roots.

Next, you’ll need to make sure the ground is level. For this you can use a long construction level, or a smaller level placed on top of a long, straight piece of wood or steel. If you want to get fancy (and very accurate) you can use surveyor’s tools such as laser levels and surveying rods.

Once you have the ground reasonably level, it may need to be compacted to create a firm surface. In some cases natural compaction will suffice.

Compaction equipment such as rollers or tampers may be needed to achieve a good, firm surface. These can usually be rented from local equipment rental shops, and often from home improvement stores, too.

Steel Building Footing

Steel Building Footing


Concrete Footings

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