Carport Installation with Family

Family Project Ideas – Easy Building or Carport Installation

Community building.  Community building a building.  If you grew up in a rural area, you might know what a barn-raising feels like – working together, raising a building, the thrill of starting and finishing a job together.  If not an official barn raising, maybe just helping a neighbor build a new hay shed, or a fence.  At the end, there it is, the structure standing as a testimony to that achievement, an accomplishment that may well stand for 40, 50 or more years. It doesn’t get much more satisfying than that.

Today, such gatherings aren’t happening as much for a number of reasons.  Could be our society today (more urban, less real community, etc), or most recently because of the COVID-19 and distancing concerns, and maybe that’s the case for a while yet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have that thrill of starting and finishing a project that might stand for a couple generations.

These days, modern machinery and engineering make carport kits affordable and accessible. You can put together a new carport in just a weekend, with just a family member or two.

If you’ve long wanted a new carport, or even an outbuilding for hobbies or your work, now’s the time to make that happen.  You can enlist the help of your family or friends to help you with your new carport kit.  Once the work is done, finish the evening by grilling up some dinner and enjoy some together time.

I know that most American kids aren’t that interested in helping mom and dad build a carport.  My own pre-teen daughter seems much more interested in Anime than power tools.  However, I know that after I got her buy-in on helping us build our new carport that she’d be proud of her accomplishments.  A teenager might not tell you that outright, but I’ll be she’d be telling her friends “Guess what I did last weekend”.  And that accomplishment would stand for ages.

Carport Installation – It’s Easier Than You Think

There are many reasons people put off doing these bigger DIY projects, since logistics can be intimidating. The cost can seem high, finding time can be elusive. And what about tools and equipment? It’s all quite daunting.

But, like most things in life, it’s often just getting up the nerve that’s the toughest. If you do a little digging, you’ll find that today’s metal building kits are surprisingly affordable, lightweight, and easy to work with, especially if they’ve got detailed and easy-to-follow instructions. Some kits are well-organized and clearly marked, helping to simplify the task. And heck, you’ve probably got all the tools already. If you don’t, a friend does, or you can probably rent or buy them nearby, affordably.

Below is an image of an Absolute Steel frame kit as it is delivered.  Note how all the frame parts have even ends (quality manufacturing), and the way they are bundled make it easy to find your parts.  All you have to do is slide the frame parts together, screw it, and then install the panels.  Bam!

Steel Frame Delivery

Some structures and building purposes may require laying a concrete slab, but many don’t. Are you sure you’re not overestimating what’s required of your dream project – or underestimating your abilities to pull it off?

The Satisfaction of Success

Plenty of couples, friends, and families have enjoyed the satisfaction of raising a building in just a couple days or a couple weekends, depending on the size of their project. Imagine that feeling when you finally put up the carport you’ve wanted for ages. Think of being able to protect your vehicle from hail and blazing summer sun, and how good it’ll feel to look outside and think, “We did that!

A good carport kit goes together easily with common tools, as there’s no heavy equipment needed for most smaller structures. Concrete slabs and footings might seem complicated, but the internet is packed with do-it-yourselfers making great how-to videos and it’s easier than ever to learn new DIY skills.

If you know what you’re after, you can order a custom-designed kit to be delivered at a reasonable price. Metal building kit possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

“Teamwork Makes Dreamwork”

Beyond just a carport – what about a nice sunroom extension for lounging in? A workshop for your hobbies? That little writing shack you’ve always wanted for writing the next great American crime novel? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having a little fermenting and curing shack, for making wine and hanging home-cured sausages. See? Endless possibilities – and absolutely doable for you and a friend or two.

Matt in Arizona put up a building with his brother and commented that, “even though neither of us are construction types, it still went up quickly.” Robbie writes of the time he put up a carport: “Between the on-line instructional videos and the written instructions, the building went up quickly. One day to assemble the components (one person) and one day (two people) to erect it.”

So, sure, it’s easier than you expect, but that’s not the big takeaway here. Only you can know how important it’ll be for you to finally have achieved getting this building put up.

How long has this project taken up real estate in your head? How long has not having that workshop or covered patio or carport held you back from completing other, related projects? It’s time to get it done and start enjoying the results.

Make it Happen

You can do this. Talk to your family and friends. See who’s looking for a fun, challenging way to blow off some steam and experience some achievement. Odds are someone you know enjoys cracking their knuckles and using their smarts to make things like this happen. Throw a query up on social media and see where it goes.

Set a weekend as a target date, plan ahead for some snacks and beverages to see you through and get ready to get ‘er done. For now, why not investigate the possibilities for metal buildings, take stock of your land, and figure out what your options are?

Get started with some budgeting and planning ideas, and field some interest from those around you, and who knows? Maybe you’ll have a new accomplishment to check off your list before the new year looms.