Shipping Information

Absolute Steel supports customers from all over the world. Our primary market is the United States and Canada. However, our metal buildings have been shipped to customers in Europe, Africa, South America, Central America, the Caribbean Islands and the Middle East.

Our prices include free job site delivery to most locations in the continental United States.  Free US delivery does not apply to locations in AK, HI, and AZ. Alaska and Hawaii shipping is calculated by individual quote. Arizona has customer yard pickup available, but individual shipping can be calculated.

International Shipping: The logistics of international delivery entails details that are best worked out prior to consummation of the transaction and typically they become a part of the purchase documents. We look forward to working out those details with you and are confident in our ability to bring logistical solutions to the transaction.

Residential Delivery: Your steel building kit will arrive via our trucks or by one of our contract carriers.  Prior to shipping you will be notified as which carrier is being used.

Steel buildings shipped from us to you!

Shipped to Your Door

There are important items to point out about job site delivery:

  • The delivery truck may well be a full sized semi & trailer.
  • It must have room to properly navigate. It cannot travel on a dirt road for much distance, nor can it be a road with overhead trees or other obstructions.
  • Unloading the materials is YOUR responsibility. You must have a lifting device at the delivery site. This can be a forklift or tractor with a front loader bucket. On a tractor or machinery with a front bucket, secure wide nylon ratchet straps to either side of the bucket and run them under the package.

Remember, the panels and trim come in one truck; the frame system in another.

The carrier (& driver) will be furnished with the telephone numbers you give to us and they will call you and furnish you an estimated  delivery time. We will also notify you when your building kit ships so you’ll know it is on its way.

Damaged/Missing Merchandise

Frame System: On very rare occasions, it sometimes happens that a kit can have a damaged part.  If you see damage, please note it on the Shipping Manifest and if you can, take a picture of it.

Occasionally a kit can become unbundled and if that occurs, make a note of that on the Shipping Manifest or Claims Form  immediately. Be sure to get the driver’s signature on the same form. There might not be missing parts but if there is, the above steps are good to have done beforehand.

Panels & Trim: The carport or garage panels are packaged with every precaution in mind with regards to transporting them safely and without damage. There is a protective (scrap) panel on the top then they are bundled together with boards to keep foreign materials from coming in contact with them and finally, all that is especially strapped so the whole package easy to handle for the freight company. Should any damage occur to the panel/trim package, do the same as described above: note the damage on the Shipping Manifest or Claims Form, have the freight company’s representative acknowledge by signing on that form and if possible, get a picture to us of it.

Please get that form & picture to us (email is best)so that we have documentation to use in settling things with the carrier.

Assuming you have mailed, emailed or faxed the Claims Form / Shipping Manifest, you will not have to wait for any settlement with the carrier or their insurance company.

We will ship out the missing parts immediately!