Commercial Covered Parking

Commercial Carport Kits for Large Scale Applications

Commercial Covered Parking Structures


  • Covered parking for multifamily housing – by statistics, protection for tenant vehicles dramatically raises property value, marketability and tenant retention. See how covered parking can increase retention rates and ROI for apartment properties.
  • Covered parking structures for commercial and institutional complexes – a high-value feature that attracts and retains tenants, and helps them to better serve their clientele and staff.
  • Great for office buildings – read Covered Parking for Office Buildings 101
  • Commercial Outdoor Storage – steel canopy protection from the elements for equipment and goods.
  • Fully Engineered and American made – our steel structures have held up to the extreme conditions of Hurricane Wilma and winds of over 100 MPH. They have survived rust-free deep within salt mines, were unfazed by the Arizona desert, and stood tall in the freezing Canadian tundra.  Systems can be engineered for 140+MPH winds, and most any special requirement you may have.
  • Easy to Install – Our kits can be designed for 2 vehicles or 100+ vehicles. We ship them to you in neatly bundled kits with material sized to fit. All you have to do is assemble. They easily install on new construction, or added to existing property.

Covered Parking Structures: Design Options

Full Cantilever Covered Parking

Full Cantilever Covered Parking StructureClick for full-cantilever details

Semi-Cantilever Covered Parking

Semi Cantilver Covered ParkingClick for semi-cantilever details

Post and Purlin Systems

Post and Purlin Covered ParkingClick for post-and-purlin details

T-Frame Systems

Commercial Carports - T Frame Design
Click for T-Frame details

Tubular Steel Frame Systems : Designed for RV and boat storage facilities
Tubular Steel Frame Systems

RV Storage / Mini Storage Facilities!

Add covered parking to your facility, with little or no money down, with our smart lease. Immediately profit from increased cash flow.

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ABSOLUTE STEEL quality is undeniable.
We are so confident in our structures that our frame systems have a 20-YEAR WARRANTY and the exterior panels have a 20 to 40 year warranty against fading, chalking or peeling.

Commercial Carports: Project Design, Engineering and Execution

Any commercial carport project begins with an idea. Many steps follow to move that idea into reality, and that is what we do. In serving a long list of customers – in the private sector and at all levels of government – we’ve established a solid reputation for integrity, product quality, superior service, and reliability. We’re proud of that reputation, and look forward to demonstrating its worth as we work with you.  We can assist you with all aspects of your commercial parking requirements, including:

  • Site layout
  • Architectural design selection and review
  • Structural design and analysis
  • Foundation design, engineering and layout
  • Design and engineering documentation
  • Installation advice and troubleshooting

GSA Schedule Contract Holder
Whether your project is simple, or you face special challenges such as seismic activity, extreme weather, or restrictive local ordinances, our expert team will work with you, your architects and planners to complete the job smoothly.

Absolute Steel – Used by the TOUGHEST customers in the WORLD…

We Supply the US Army
We Supply the US Marine Corps
We Supply the US Navy
US Air Force
Air Force
Department of Homeland Security
Homeland Security


ABSOLUTE STEEL has a good reputation that is decades old, and our buildings have been tested by all branches of the US Armed Services for durability, ease of construction and superior value. We wouldn’t be where we are today – one of America’s leading metal building manufacturers – if this was not true.

Our steel structures stand strong in some of the toughest environments. Our structures stand strong with snow loads in excess of 60 lbs per square foot from the Sierra Nevada mountains to the freezing Canadian tundras. You can find our structures along the coast line of Florida, where sustained wind loads are in excess of 140 mph. They are constructed deep down in the Cargil salt mines, in the deserts from Afghanistan to Death Valley, California.


Original plans, stamped and sealed by an engineer licensed in your state, are provided at a nominal rate. Achieving load bearing characteristics described in any plans is dependent upon proper installation.


We supply all materials for our commercial parking structures – installation is by contractors you retain. A table of estimated installation costs can be seen here. As with every phase of your project from conception to completion, our team is available to consult with you on contractor selection.


It’s understood you will want to tailor your carports’ finish to integrate with the rest of your property – so full cantilever, semi-cantilever and T-frame supports are delivered in bare steel, ready to prime and paint. Steel roofing panels may be ordered in a wide range of colors.


Absolute Steel fabricates a variety of steel frame carport systems that accommodate photovoltaic arrays (solar panels). Our carport frame systems are in use by some of the largest names in the solar industry. More information on solar canopies here.


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* Original engineered plans, stamped and sealed by an engineer licensed in your State, are available upon request for an additional charge. Achieving load bearing characteristics described above are dependent upon proper installation.


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