Disaster Relief Housing

Absolute Steel honors your commitment to safely house others whose needs, for whatever reason, require immediate assistance. 

Disaster relief housing, or T shelters as they are sometimes referred to, from Absolute Steel are uniquely different from most disaster relief shelters in use: they’re made of rugged tubular steel and engineered for a service life far in excess of industry products typically in use.

Our disaster relief housing is considered Transitional. The transitional disaster relief housing from Absolute Steel is designed to go up quickly, and be able to support the transition to a more permanent structure after the emergency has passed. We explain this concept a little later on this page.

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Accelerated Transitional Relief Housing
Disaster Relief Housing
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Transitional Relief Housing
Transitional Relief Housing
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The system’s purpose is twofold:

  • To provide secure, low-cost, and immediate response emergency relief shelter, and
  • To provide economical, practical, affordable housing for the future.. 

Transitional Disaster Relief Housing – T-Shelters

Age-Old Solution Embraces the 21st Century

In an environment wherein resources are precious using only a tent as a shelter serves a purpose but also wastes precious space, time, materials and man power because the whole concept is temporary.  Effort must be invested to replace them.

This pattern is wasteful of precious resources and man hours when they are in scarce supply.

Disaster relief housingFirst Response

Our system’s first-response solution is, at first glance, a tent.  But really, it is a steel-framed structure using a temporary exterior. Permanent exteriors are merely awaiting the application of indigenous materials or walls and a permanent steel panel roof can be applied immediately, thereby providing permanent affordable housing immediately.

The basic frame structure is engineered and in many cases is of higher structural integrity than what was destroyed in the disaster. All are stable and sturdy, yet easily erected in just a few hours. Even by the unskilled, using common tools.

Meeting the Delivery Challenge

Simplicity of set-up is a major advantage of our transitional disaster relief housing structures. But unless materials and tools can be delivered rapidly, to perhaps the most extreme theaters of operation, that advantage is meaningless.

All components of our emergency relief shelter system are packaged in compact, easily-transported bundles. Each t-shelter bundle is designed for high-density packing in standard shipping containers and for subsequent ground transfer to most any global location.

Disaster relief housing delivered
Disaster relief housing ready when needed

Long-Term Relief

When circumstances on the ground permit, the tubular steel emergency relief frame system serves as the foundation for the transition into practical, comfortable, affordable housing.

Tent or tarp fabric is replaced with steel panels – or wood, adobe or other locally-available materials. Improved flooring may be added along with most any desired function such as plumbing, power etc.

Most important, very little of the original man hours or materials go to waste.

Disaster relief housing stucco
Finished T Shelter House
Finished disaster relief housing

Want more? See some Disaster Relief Housing FAQs here.

A 2010 study performed by Architecture For Humanity reviewed ten different disaster relief housing transitional systems then in use. None had an expected life of over 8 years.

When housing personnel or a destitute family, consider these facts:

Transitional Disaster Relief Housing manufactured by Absolute Steel
has a 20 year frame system warranty on all its t-shelters.

T-Shelter frame warranty

American steel used in our tubular steel building system is from 67% recycled resources and is itself 100% renewable.

T shelters made of renewable resources

Absolute Steel building systems are in use in over six countries and over 100 government agencies including all branches of the US Armed Forces.

We Supply the US Army
United States
We Supply the US Marine Corps
United States
We Supply the US Navy
United States
US Air Force
United States
Air Force
Department of Homeland Security
Dept. of Homeland Security

Print A Color Brochure

Do you want more information on how our disaster relief housing systems work? Click the button below for our 14-page brochure that further explains the building process, the advantages, and engineering concepts on our building system.

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Absolute Advantages

Warehousing & Transport

  • Interchangeable components = reduced manufacturing and inventory costs.
  • Compact packaging = maximum efficiency in storage, transport, distribution.
  • Years of shipping & logistics experience, both domestic and international.

Easy assembly

  • Simple, illustrated instructions (language-specific instructions available).
  • Color-coded, slip-together connections.
  • Can be erected by unskilled labor, using common tools.
  • No heavy equipment required.

Maximum economy

  • Tubular steel frame system = high strength, without the weight, cost and foundation requirements of conventional systems.
  • Low weight per unit = lower transport costs.
  • Frame design distributes weight evenly = minimal site preparation and foundation requirements.
  • Simple assembly = on-site labor costs minimized or eliminated.
  • Galvanized tubular steel = extreme durability, maintenance free.
  • Frame’s flexible strength = high resistance to repeated punishment (storms, quakes, and other physical violence).

Project Partnership

In addition to manufacturing t-shelters or transitional relief housing, we stand ready to partner with you or your crews on the ground – lending our expertise to ensure your immediate need housing project is a success.

If desired, our participation can include:

  • Site evaluation & selection
  • Structural engineering
  • Economic effects with local employment / participation
  • On-site installation management & training
  • Shipping logistics – domestic or international

We would be proud to join you in bringing our expertise to your next project.

Building leadership
Absolute Steel – building leadership and sharing expertise.
If requested, we can partner with your crews on the ground.


For more information or to initiate a project, contact us today:

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