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With Absolute Steel Barndominium Kits, building your dream home can be easier and more inexpensive than you ever thought possible. Building your home is potentially the biggest investment you’ll ever make, but what if you could build for thousands less than a conventional site built home?  Well, you can, with our barndominium kits.

In essence, a barndominium is a live-work space, a space big enough for both a family home and a workshop or large garage area, where the homeowner works on their passion or their livelihood.  If you’re not familiar with what a barndominium is, we suggest you read “Barndominium 101“. 

Visit an Absolute Steel Barndominium Kit

Barndominiums are fantastic live-work spaces, regardless of what the business activity is. In today’s remote-working revolution, barndominiums offer live-work opportunities for people in all kinds of professions. We realize now more than ever how important life-work balance is, and many people have rediscovered the peace of life in country. Life-work balance and productivity are all so much easier when you’ve got more space to move and breathe.

Take a project tour.  See what Mutukat Construction did with one of our Barndominium shell kits. View a time-lapse video of the construction process, as well as finished pictures of the interior and exterior of the project. Click here.

The Barndominium Advantages

Barndominium kits offer Lower Construction CostSave Your Money

Get the dream home you want with a custom-made barndominium kit From kitchen cupboards to skylights, a barndominium kit features the same easy flexibility of a steel building kit. It goes together easily with everyday tools, whether you’re a DIY mastermind or someone learning the ropes. Substantially more affordable than wood-frame construction, a barndominium kit makes DIY simple – and the more you do yourself, the more money you save.

Barndominium kits offer short commutes from work to playWork Smarter not Harder

Working from home allows you to end your work commute. That means lower gas costs, less vehicle wear-and-tear, fewer daily expenses. But it also means more time to live life on your terms. How much time have you spent commuting monthly? How much stress comes from bad traffic, heavy weather, and unavoidable delays? What could you do with those extra 40, 50, 60 or more hours per month? What would you rather spend your gas money on?

Metal barndominiums are Fire and Weather ResistantSafer vs. Fire & Weather

 Installed to code, buildings with metal paneling often survive wildland fires, since they’re fire resistant. Our metal barndominium shells can be engineered to withstand 160-mile-an-hour sustained winds when erected with proper concrete footings. Panels are also warrantied for between 20 to 45 years against peeling, fading, and chalking. Same goes with the metal roofs we offer. They’re fabricated to be some of the lightest, strongest roofs available for modern homes, ideal for heavy snow.

Easy Maintenance of your barndominium kitDon’t Sweat Maintenance

 Our metal buildings are used by organizations like the Army because they know it’ll stand for the long haul. If you go with our metal exterior panels, for instance, some come with 45-year warranties on the paint against fading, peeling, or chalking. Of course, you can clad the building any way you like – but we’re fans of the metal panels. No matter what’s on the outside, that metal frame will never rot or get infested by pests.

How Do DIY Barndominium Kits Work?

It starts with the shell. Pick from our line of existing barndominium designs, the metal frame size and style for the building, or come up with a design of your own. We’re the manufacturer, so we can execute your vision, so your home is exactly what you want it to be. With the design selected, we build the steel frame, and provide any steel paneling and window/door  buildouts you may require. Then, we fabricate it and package it so you or your installer know what’s where when its needed. We can arrange for delivery to your jobsite or your installer can pick it up at our factory. Once it’s there, we’ve got mobile-friendly how-to videos and an easy-to-reach customer service line, so you or your installer always have help when you need it.

Inside is all about you. Design the floorplan your way. No matter what your vision is, the floorplan can fit your lifestyle. Build with wood studs or order metal framing. And you’ll have so many choices to make – every doorknob, nook, and cranny will be decided by you. So will the wall placement – or the lack thereof if you’re looking for an open design.

Looking for more ideas?  See our “Barndominium Kits – Thinking Outside the Box” info.

Materials, contractors, and products are all your choice. Think of yourself as the general contractor. You’re the boss here. You control the subcontractors – or you do it yourself, whatever you like. In some areas we can recommend local contractors who’ve worked with our products before. If you want to fly solo and find your own providers and professionals, or are dead set on doing it all yourself, it’s all good with Absolute Steel. However you do it, if we can help we certainly will.

Barndominiums: Homes with Endless Potential

The brilliant thing about the DIY barndominium kits made by Absolute Steel is that they can be anything you want. From our standard building configurations through to whatever you design from scratch, our engineers and fabricators will build to your design for straightforward, easy DIY installation on your land.

Flexibility is a huge plus with DIY home-building, especially when you’re working to a fixed budget. You can save money with frugal design choices for the interior, then improve upon them over time, as finances allow. Such as, for flooring and countertops, you can use polished concrete slab for a few years, then install hardwood and marble when you’ve got the budget to splurge. If every dollar counts, then invest in a slightly larger space and the best windows you can, rather than fussing over fancy countertops or floors. You’ll have decades to grow into the space and make it just the way you want.

Your barndominium kit includes:

  • The steel frame
  • Exterior walls
  • Complete roof
  • Simple but complete instructions are included

Barndominium kit shell - frame bundle delivered

We Don’t Just Sell Them, We Make Them

Absolute Steel is an American manufacturer. Our frame systems and exterior panels use 100% engineered steel assembled by our master fabricators and engineers right here in the USA, all of whom share a passion for building the best product possible.

That’s why we’ve long since been supplying the American Armed Forces with metal frame buildings around the world, because tough, long-lasting buildings are what we do.

We start with the best steel, but even our engineering processes are smart. Our joints go together easily. We do not compromise the steel’s integrity with quicker bending or crimping processes, but instead use techniques like rolled steel, metal inserts, and more – all designed to keep the steel’s strength and integrity, while being easy to install by DIYers of all skill levels.

Engineered Easy to Assemble

Your kit home’s finished shell can be put together by as few as two people, with little or no prior construction experience and using common tools! This means YOU can do it, whether you build yourself or act as an owner/builder using local tradesmen and contractors.

If you’d rather not take on the whole job yourself, we’ll be happy to guide you in choosing which steps to hire out, and how to choose a contractor.

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