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Carport kits

Absolute Steel carports are not only are the right way to cover your vehicle, but our carport kits make great RV covers, boat covers, heavy equipment storage, recreation canopies, utility carports and more! We have several styles of metal carports available, from residential to commercial.

Our metal carport kits are available in multiple styles…

Absolute Steel is a manufacturer of high quality, easy-to-assemble metal carport kits. Manufactured with engineered steel and American labor, our carport kits are used by thousands of residential and commercial customers around the world.

Our metal carport kits and RV covers are of the highest quality and are engineered with the DIY person in mind. Our metal carports give you the best in durability and convenience, while maintaining a great price that’s easy on your budget.

Exterior carport panels come in 18 different colors and are fully guaranteed for 20 to 25 years against fading, chalking, cracking or peeling.

Easy Installation

We put hours worth of energy into the frame system so you don’t have to. “Slip fit” connections make framing a snap…standard carport frame kits can be assembled in a few hours, not days!

Slip Fit Connection

Metal Carport Kits That Can Adapt to Your Changing Needs

Sometimes your needs change.  Your carport can change with you. Start with one of our carport kits now, and later easily convert it into a garage, shop or storage building!  The images below will illustrate some of the flexibility in our carport system.

Your carport now. You can start with a basic carport (Sonoran style shown)…Carport no panels

Add side and/or rear panels now or later…
Sonoran Carport with Panels

And easily convert it into a garage or building later!
Carport Converted to a Garage

If you’re wondering how this can be done it’s because we use the same frame system for our carports as we do our buildings.  The frame is the same!  Just add panels, and some additional frame parts (that we can supply) for the doors and you’re good to go. NOTE: This carport-to-building feature found only in our Sonoran style carport system.

The Original Metal Carport Kit

Absolute Steel’s original galvanized metal carports are available in a wide variety of colors and come in many standard widths.

  • Carport widths from 10′ wide to 30′ wide
  • Eave height of 7.5′ high to 12.5′ high
  • Our carports can be as long/deep as you want.

Of course, because you’re dealing with the actual fabricator and not just a broker, we can customize sizes to fit your special circumstances!

Important Note: We now offer the new HD System (“heavy duty”). Made of larger tube steel (2″ x 4″), our HD System can go up to 40′ wide and have sidewalls (eave heights) of up to 15.5′ high! That’s a peak of over 22′ 2″!!

Call 877-833-3237 for pricing on the HD System as it is not contained within our online carport pricing system.

Our pre-engineered steel carport kits are Made in America by us, not some factory we have no control over. We use only 14 gauge steel tube with a G-90 galvanized plate covering 2″ x 3″ or 2″ x 4″ steel with a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi for years of maintenance free, rust resistant service. Please visit our Technical and Specifications page for more information on America’s best tubular steel building system.

The difference between our system and the competition’s is the ease of construction. Male/female “slip-joint” connections make assembly simple and fast! Standard frame packages can be assembled in a few hours, not days! Additionally, your parts are stronger and heavier than that offered by most competitors. Check it out yourself ask for the size and specifications of their steel (see ours here)!

So what does all this do for you? It gives you America’s Easiest to Assemble Building System that’s made with the highest quality materials!

Absolute Steel’s warranty is the best in the industry.

We are so confident in our structures that our frame systems have a 20 YEAR WARRANTY and the exterior panels, depending upon which panel you purchase, have a 20 to 40 year warranty against fading, chalking, or peeling.

Steel Frame Warranty
Steel panel warranty

Shipped To Your Job Site

Carport Delivered

Your new carport kit is shipped via freight to your job site (some restrictions apply).

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