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METAL BUILDING KITS manufactured by Absolute Steel come in a variety of styles, models and sizes to fit most any demand. Whether it is for residential or commercial use, Absolute Steel’s fabrication of our galvanized tubular steel building system is unsurpassed.

We don’t just sell metal building kits, we are the source manufacturer.

ABSOLUTE STEEL makes easy-to-install metal building kits specifically for you.  We have no dealers, no resellers, and there are no middlemen when it comes to Absolute Steel. We like it that way because we get direct feedback from the end-user. Through the years this enables us to adapt and build upon the quality of our structures.

Our customers love the easy assembly of our steel building systems.  No forklifts or cranes required.

Besides quick installation, we know clients have aesthetic preferences. That’s why our stand-alone framing system lets you use your choice of exterior materials. This means you can use wood, stucco, brick, or veneers on the building’s exterior.

As the manufacturer of your metal building kit, we can accommodate custom specifications and sizes. Over the years, we’ve designed kits for all kinds of steel structures. For instance, with roofs, feel free to opt for mansard eaves or gambrel roofs. If you love windows, you can add windows galore. We often manufacture portable structures, like emergency and disaster relief housing. Talk to us if you’ve got a specific idea in mind.

We also have a budget-friendly starting point with our six base styles we manufacture. Each can be sized or customized in hundreds of ways, without breaking the bank.

…And Plenty of Sizes

Structures are available in standard widths from 10 feet wide to 40 feet wide, anywhere from 12 feet to over 200 feet long.

Available in 6 styles – With thousands of size, color, and configuration options

Our Metal Building Kits Are Superior Because…

Metal buiding kit with patio

Absolute Steel: Tested and Trusted

We Supply the US Army
We Supply the US Marine Corps
We Supply the US Navy
US Air Force
Air Force
Department of Homeland Security
Homeland Security

AT ABSOLUTE STEEL, we’re proud of our reputation for quality products that last decades. We’ve earned that over many years by providing structures used by all levels of the US Armed Services. The military needs buildings to go up without fuss under duress, that handle heavy weather in any terrain.

You’ll find Absolute Steel’s metal-framed building kits in the harshest climates on Earth. In the Sierra Nevada Mountains, they endure under snow loads exceeding 60 pounds per square-foot. When hurricanes batter Florida’s coastline, our buildings still stand after 140-mile-an-hour winds. At the Cargill Salt Mine, more than 1,700 feet under Lake Erie, it’s our metal framing kits keeping workers safe deep underground. We’ve even provided metal-framed buildings for US Forces in Afghanistan.

Governments big and small, in settings of all kinds, use our structures. So do major commercial clients, from marinas and parking lots to universities and power utilities. But we deliver the same strong, easy-to-assemble products to residential DIYers all across the country too. Like the Travis family, in Arizona, who wanted a steel frame but needed a custom exterior to satisfy their Homeowner’s Association. Or the 30 x 60′ custom showroom ordered by a classic car collector in Oregon. See more of the great projects and testimonials from our DIY clients here.


See For Yourself

Please take a look at the images below for real examples of what our customers have created with their Absolute Steel building kits.

The above is a video created and submitted to us by one of our customers – the person installing the building.  Click play above, turn on the sound, and enjoy watching!


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