Absolute Steel Structures DIY Installation

Build your own metal building

Absolute Steel Structures are Engineered Easy to Install

  • Kit includes complete and well-illustrated instructions.
  • Easy to handle parts for less user wear and tear.
  • No hard to find tools for assembly.
  • No unwieldy, large lifting equipment on most sizes.
  • Complete step by step video series, which is accessible by mobile device right on the job site.

We engineer all our steel building and carport kit systems to be do-it-yourselfer friendly. Each structure kit comes with complete instructions. Our instructions are simple to follow, and well-illustrated so it’s easy to see what’s being talked about, every step of the way.

DIY Installation Videos & Customer Feedback

The Only Tools You Will Need for Your installation:

Most times buying new tools is not an issue.  Absolute Steel structures go together with tools that many DIY builders already have on hand or can easily rent or purchase; none being specialty high-priced tools.

Metal building kit tools

Step by Step Instructions

The pictures below show a condensed version of the installation steps involved in do-it-yourself assembly. If you need help making your decision, call one of our garage kit representatives at 1-877-833-3237.  If you are more the “show me” type, take a look at our video installation series at http://support.absoluterv.com.

Your frame and panels are delivered in a neatly bundled kit. 
All frame parts are cut to fit and will slide together like a model kit.

Steel Frame Delivery

We have supplied our building systems to people all over this continent and five countries overseas and no one has had trouble with the assembly process – from a single mom and her 12 year old son, to husbands and wives, government maintenance/facility management firms, enlisted personnel – the list is extensive. It has been proven thousands of times that unskilled labor can easily assemble our products.

Or should you elect to have someone assemble it for you, a good handyman has more than enough competence to do the job. So whether you do it yourself, bring on a helper or contractor, you will save both time and money and that makes good economic sense.

Overview of Installing a Building:

Step 1

Step 1 - Base Rail Assembly

Base rail installation

Step 2

Step 2 - Roof and Wall Assembly

Roof and wall frame assembly and placement

Step 3

Step 3 - Install Horizontal Supports

Install horizontal supports (some models)

Step 4

Step 4 - Window and Door Frameouts

Window and door frames

Step 5

Step 5 - Install Exterior Panels and Trim

Install panels and trim

Step 6

Step 6 - Enjoy Your Finished Building

Add doors and enjoy your new building!

Overview of Installing a Carport:

Step 1 - Assemble Base Rails

Step 3 - Assemble Fame

Step 2 - Assemble frame sections

Step 4 - Install Panels

A Testimonial from one of our happy clients:

Hi Dean,

We assembled our first Absolute Steel building. When we first started our conversations and insights into your products, I must admit we were a little skeptical, not being able to see a building erected, living so far away. We had to make all of our decisions based on photos and correspondence.

I have been in the steel structure construction business for almost 30 years and have always had to make some corrections or field fitting on pre-engineered buildings.

After receiving our building packages from your company I was pleasantly surprised to see the care and quality that went into the packaging and labeling of each building, but the true test was yet to come.

We began by assembling a 20 x 20 standard carport; we did not break out the instructions as it was a very windy day. The assembly went very well, so well that the guy helping me went to get a phone call and when he returned 25 mins later, I had the whole frame together and ready to stand. We completed that building and everyone said that was easy! I said yes, but we are doing a complete building next – then we will see.

We then erected a complete building and sheeted it in.

WELL I must say, the entire building went together like your video shows, IT REALLY IS THAT EASY.

Congratulations to you and your company, it truly has been a pleasure dealing with Absolute Steel. You delivered a product that was the same as shown. A great quality product, professionally delivered from correspondence to order to delivery.

Keep up the good work, I wish all companies could deliver what they preach !


Doug Webber
Scotia Metal Products
Burnside, NS

Do-it-yourself means money saved, and a good reason to enjoy a BBQ with your helpers and admire your new garage once it is finished!

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