DIY Build

A Customer Testimonial : Installation Video

Click play and turn on the sound to watch this quick video showing how quickly one can install an Absolute Steel building.

From the customer, who put together this video and sent it to us:

Jennifer attached is my building project. As you can see it is finally finished and turned out great. For all the naysayers I built this pretty much by myself. A 71 year old guy with only some minor help from my wife and a friend once in awhile.

Hope this video turns out great. This was my whole project including the rear and front block wall. Yea!

Thank You for all the help
Lynn and Karyn P.

A reply from Dean Thomas, owner of Absolute Steel:

Lynn & Karyn,

As the owner of Absolute Steel, I certainly want to thank you for sharing your building installation with us. We’ve been at this for over 20 years and send our buildings all over the country and the world. (Only 20% of our sales are here in Arizona.) Very seldom do we ever get videos or feedback of any kind so it’s always encouraging for the staff to see the fruits of their labor…caused I might add, by the fruits of your labor!

It’s a good joint effort!!

Many times I have told staff that we have the best customers in world—they’re hardy, self-sufficient folks who have commonsense and know how to get things done. Obviously that describes you.

Thank you for your good faith in trusting Absolute Steel with your project!

Dean Thomas