Factory Direct Buildings

We offer factory direct buildings through our two manufacturing locations in Arizona and Texas. Absolute Steel occupies over 34 acres of land, and approximately 35,000 square feet of buildings. Our factory direct steel buildings come from these two locations. Absolute Steel operates the most up-to-date and efficient steel building manufacturing facilities of its kind in the country.

The proprietary equipment we use in our factories to build our steel buildings, carport systems and equestrian structures is what makes Absolute Steel so competitive in our pricing. Our competition uses single piece swedging and bending machines. Base rails are welded by hand.

We’re not knocking this – we used to do that too. What we are saying is that we reinvested back into our business infrastructure so we could have the most competitive pricing on the market.

Robotic Welding

Instead of hand welding one piece of starter upright on a base rail at one time, our robotic welders simultaneously weld the starter uprights on 15—20’ base rails all at once! That’s 90 pieces being welded at the same time—instead of one piece!

Ten & Five Piece Benders

Other companies bend their steel one piece at a time. Absolute Steel can bend up to 10 pieces of 2” x 4” steel at the same time.

Swedging Machines

Most companies, if they can swedge or reduce at all, can only reduce one end of a piece of steel tube at a time. Absolute Steel can swedge both ends, up to 18 inches, and we can do this with  up to 4” x 4” steel. And we can do this in up to 20’ lengths!

For Factory Direct Steel Buildings, Deal Direct With The Source! We fabricate your kits right here in the USA.

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