SofTop Shade Canopy FAQs

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What if I want to paint the galvanized steel to match my décor?

Not a problem. Many of our customers have painted the galvanized frame pieces. Be sure to use high quality paint and prime it first. Wipe the steel with a cleaning solution that does not leave oil residue on the steel before applying the primer.

Doing so does not affect the Customer Care Warranty.

Can I mount either of the SofTops in ground or concrete?

Yes. When ordering please specify what your intentions are and that’s the type of mounting you will be furnished with. Follow the Assembly Instructions and you will be fine.

When you say it’s engineered, what do you mean by that?

We mean we can supply you with stamped and sealed engineering if you require a building permit and this usually only applies to the 18 x 20 SofTop carport. Original stamped and sealed drawings are $450. If you can get by with a copy set, unstamped, we can email you those free of charge.

This structure is engineered for a 20 PSF Live Load and 90 mph sustained Wind Load. This is far in excess of what the 2009 IBC (International Building Code) requires for fabric topped canopies or covers.

What if my building departments Live Loads exceed 20 PSF? For example, in an area that has a designated Snow Load?

Fabric covers are not capable of supporting much of any Snow Load.  It is best to remove the cover in the event of inclement weather exceeding 90 mph sustained winds or a 20 psf Live Load.

Will the 12 x 12 require a building permit?

Not in most cases. Different building departments have different regulations but usually there is an exception for a permit for anything having less than 150 square feet, the 12 x 12 is only 144 square feet.

You may have to get clearance from your HOA but not many of them have ever had a problem with the SofTop carport structure. Color is about the only thing they might want some say-so in.

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