Solar Carports and Shade Covers

Shade on the bottom, power on the top is sound thinking.

Solar Parking StructureABSOLUTE STEEL fabricates a variety of steel frame carport systems that accommodate photovoltaic arrays (solar panels). Our carport frame systems are in use by some of the largest names in the solar industry. As well, we have built smaller homeowner systems that handle as little as two cars at a time.

More information: The Case for Solar Energy Parking Lots

To intelligently discuss the potential of the project you are considering please supply us with:

  • Design Load requirements (Wind & Snow). Your local building department will have this information.
  • Solar panel dimensions and weight. Also the angle, if applicable, of which you want the panels.

Solar Shade Cover in Back Yard


Solar Parking Canopy


A solar two-car carport during sunset. The reflection of the sun on the purlins plays tricks on the eye and give them a bowed look. Rest assured – they are straight as an arrow.

Note: We do not supply you with the solar components. We are a fabricator of the frame systems only.

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