Maricopa Style Garage Building

Maricopa steel building

Our new Maricopa style garage features a gently sloping roof (front to back) which has a 1/12 pitch. For those unfamiliar with what a pitch is, this means that for every foot, the roof drops (or increases) 1 inch for every 12 inches of roof line.

The Maricopa garage is considered a salt-box style, and is currently only available in a length or building depth of 24 feet or less.

You can have your garage as wide as you want it, but we recommend either 24′ wide or 30′ wide.  These widths provide plenty of room for two vehicles, with the use of one garage door (rather than two, which increases cost).

Put some makeup on your new Maricopa saltbox garage!

  • On the front façade, use simulated steel tile that looks like clay mission tile.
  • Or use the dressy steel shingles as featured on Metal Roofing Source


Call for pricing and shipping info.

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