Kingman metal building kit

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Kingman metal building kit

WICKENBURG METAL BUILDINGS manufactured by Absolute Steel for our customers in and around Wickenburg, AZ and surrounding communities are, bar none, the wisest choice.  The quality that comes with our tubular steel building system is unsurpassed.

Your new metal building or carport will be fabricated right down the US 60 in Tempe using 100% high quality American steel and American labor. We then put it on a truck and ship it right to your job site around Wickenburg – and anywhere down the US 60, or I-93 including Congress, Bagdad, Aquila, Wittman, and anywhere else. We have a lot of customers in the Wickenburg area and have been supplying buildings in that local since 1999.

Your Wickenburg Metal Buildings source manufacturer.

ABSOLUTE STEEL makes metal building kits specifically for you.  We employ no dealers, no resellers, and there are no middlemen when it comes to Absolute Steel. If you need something, or have any issue at all just call us.  You’ll be speaking right to the source.  We like it that way because we get direct feedback from the end-user. Through the years this enables us to adapt and build upon the quality of our metal building kits.

Building Systems Available in Wickenburg:

Engineered to Handle the Wickenburg Sun and Heat

No doubt our Wickenburg metal buildings stand up to the local heat and sun.  Our systems stand all over the Southwestern US.  AND – the US Military used our structures in the Afghanistan desert with no problems.  Our steel buildings can handle anything the environment around Wickenburg can dish out.  These structures have held up to the extreme conditions of Hurricane Katrina and sustained winds of over 140 MPH. They have survived rust-free deep within salt mines of Cargill, were unfazed by the freezing Alaska tundra.

Metal building frame

Our customers love the ease-of-assembly of our structures, from the self-tapping fasteners to the slip-fit frame connections with machined precision.  In most cases there’s often no need for heavy equipment like forklifts or cranes.

Besides quick installation, we know clients have aesthetic preferences. That’s why our stand-alone framing system lets you use your choice of exterior materials. This means you can use wood, stucco, brick, or veneers on the building’s exterior.

Once you order your kit, we’ll manufacture it just for you and ship it to your job site. It will arrive neatly packed, clearly labeled & ready for assembly.

Absolute Steel: Tested and Trusted

Your new structure will come from a local company that has been manufacturing metal building and carport kits in Arizona for over 21 years.  Fact is, we know what we’re doing and we stand behind our buildings.  There is a reason why all branches of the US Military purchase building kits from us.

We Supply the US Army
We Supply the US Marine Corps
We Supply the US Navy
US Air Force
Air Force
Department of Homeland Security
Homeland Security

AT ABSOLUTE STEEL, we’re proud of our reputation for quality products that last decades. We’ve earned that over many years by providing structures used by all levels of the US Armed Services. The military needs buildings to go up without fuss under duress, that handle heavy weather in any terrain.

Your new metal building or carport kit will be made down the road in Tempe, Arizona.  We’ve been in business for over 20 years, and for good reason.  Our buildings are engineered easy to build and engineered to last.

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Wickenburg Metal Buildings


Buildings and Carports Look Great in Wickenburg, AZ

Here are what some of our customers have done with their Absolute Steel building and carport kits:

Wickenburg Shop Building

Mohave Carport

Example of RV carport for Wickenburg , AZ

Metal building kit

Fire Station

Wickenburg metal buildings


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