My Finished Garage Kit

Robert Armstrong

Fidel, Galen;

Thanks for all the assistance and tips you provided. Got to admit there were times when I thought I was over my head. It sure would be easier the second time around. The one thing I learned measure twice and measure again but NEVER CUT! Well, ok excluding the panels. The steel tubing shouldn’t be cut.

My Finished Garage

After consulting with you it became evident that I shouldn’t have cut some of the girts, and headers.  As you can see the finished garage is really nice. The trim pieces around the doors and windows were a little confusing there has to be an easier way to install the trim before the panels are in place. Regardless, the finished product is really nice. I’m glad I went with the taller building.

The garage door I purchased is a roll up door. This allows me to store my long items like kayaks overhead without interference like I would have if I had put in an overhead door. Also, found an epoxy floor finish called “Epoxy Coat” at Lowes. Sealed the concrete floor and has a nice satin finish. My concrete contractor also did an outstanding job.

Thank you for your OUTSTANDING support and fairly easy to install garage kit. I can now park my car in my attached garage and my truck in my new Absolute Steel Garage.