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Top 5 Modern Barndominium Interior Design Styles for 2023

If you haven’t yet heard, barndominiums aren’t just the next best thing they are THE thing happening in the world of DIY house makeovers. Not familiar with this fresh, new house concept? Well, think rustic, old barn turned into an open living space with all the industrial farm feels.

Designing and building your barndominium is just the start of this home project. Once you have your home ready, it is time to look at modern barndominium design styles! With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list with our best ideas for the interior design of your barndominium that will give you all the inspiration!

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1. Home on the Ranch

Giving praise to the original inhabitants of the barn, ranch-inspired design celebrates cowboys, livestock and horses. It tends to draw from natural materials like wood, rock, and steel. To bring your barndominium to life you want to be sure to include lots of wood, rock, and metal textures throughout your home. You can achieve this look in a bunch of different ways. Take, for instance, your furniture. Your furniture should bring in the rustic feel and you can do this by choosing pieces made from real wood. A coffee table can be made from cedar block and wood pallets, for example. In your living room, you could include a mantel made from different rock materials that will bring in a more nature-inspired feel. As for steel, you can easily add steel tones with barn house hinges on doors and cabinets.

Western style modern barndominium interior design

Your barndominium is not complete without a little ranch inspiration. Hats, cowboy belt buckles, and boots can all be used as decorative pieces around your home. Create a wall with common ranch props, like cowboy hats and horseshoes. Pinterest has great ideas for wall layouts. Additionally, hanging cattle or buffalo skulls as wall decor will help to incorporate a ranch styled feel. Keep a lookout for hand-painted cattle or buffalo skulls. This can guarantee a one of a kind look for your space.

Replace standard doors in your home with sliding barn doors. Sliding barn doors work great for closet spaces, room dividers, and bathrooms. They are creative entryways that pack on the rustic charm. Usually made from specialty wood and hung from a sliding track, there are many ways to design, decorate, and use sliding barn doors in your home.

2. Farmhouse Chic

Warm and rustic, farmhouse decor draws inspiration from the traditional use of the space.

Accent rugs can bring any room together. So, when picking out the right rugs for your barndo, try picking out rugs that stand out on their own, but also bring unity and comfort within the room. Look for rugs with a southwestern feel. They will look great in your new space. Have fun decorating with accent rugs and get creative by choosing a cowhide or sheepskin rug to overlap a base rug.

Farmhouse Chic Barndominium

Generally, your barndo will come with an open floor plan. This includes the kitchen area. So, when decorating your kitchen, choose pieces that are not only functional but also stand out on their own and are timeless. A farmhouse sink, for example, is a wonderful choice for a rustic-inspired kitchen. Farmhouse sinks are large, but also beautiful, and add a perfect finishing touch to your kitchen. Farmhouse sinks look great with open cabinet spaces, too. Open cabinets are a trendy way to showcase cups, bowls, and glassware. Vintage and unique pieces will bring a nice spin in your farmhouse kitchen. You can also decorate your kitchen space with a farmhouse table. These are tables that are quite long and made from sturdy wood. They look fabulous in rustic kitchens and are great for large dinner parties.

3. Cabin Getaway

A cabin-style decor scheme usually celebrates nature and living off the grid.

Wood is the primary material used in this style, so if you have purchased a barn to build your new home in you may want to think about keeping the ceiling’s structural wood beams in place or install new ones. Wood beams are trending, and for good reason. They add so much character to any room. The beams can be stained to a wood finish of your desire or even painted white for a classic look.

Cabin Interior Barndominium

Stone is also an important part of the cabin look, especially for creating a fireplace and chimney. This can be restricted to the fireplace or extended into an accent wall! For a more rustic, traditional look, opt for river rock. If you prefer a more modern take on cabin charm cut stone slabs arranged in neat layers also provide natural appeal.

Hunting paraphernalia is a common way to decorate a cabin-themed home. Think gun replicas, game animal taxidermy, and furniture constructed from or replicating animal-sourced materials, such as bone, leather, hide, and fur. Paintings or photography depicting natural scenes and/or wildlife are also popular in a cabin-style home.

4. Southern Charm

Big porches, fans and plantation-style decor are all hallmarks of Southern decor. Do you have any family heirlooms you can showcase? Adding antiques to your new barn home will pair perfectly with the Southern farmhouse decor style you’re going for. When looking for antiques think of mason jars, tin washbins, and wood bowls. These are pieces that can be transformed. Mason jars can be used for flower vases and hanging planters, wash bins can be used to store throws, and wood bowls can be used as table centerpieces. Vintage signs, country quilts, and old painted furniture are also creative ways you can add rustic tones to a room.

Southern Charm Barndominium

Your barndominium is not complete without the right light fixtures and fans. You can accent each room in your home with light fixtures that will create a warm country feel. Lantern lighting looks lovely above front doors and kitchen islands. You can also pick industrial steel chandeliers to hang in your great room or above the dining table. Wooden light fixtures and fans would also make great accents, as well as hanging lights strung with jute rope.

When designing the rooms in your home, it is best to remember that your countertops always stand out. There are many different countertop options to choose from. Depending on your style choice, choose countertops that are dark granite, which can be paired with wooden cabinets or choose wooden slabs that will look wonderful with bright white cabinets. Both options work well in a farmhouse space. Plus, you can also choose polished designs or raw finishes.

Your barn-inspired home will not be complete without the ultimate front porch. A front porch is a farmhouse must-have. Painted white with outdoor ceiling fans, wicker furniture, and seasonal foliage, adding a porch to your home will ensure you never miss a sunset with your loved ones. Additional accents and furniture, like a rope, strung porch swing will create the ultimate outdoor sitting space.

5. Nautical

Think boats and beaches when creating a nautical theme. Are you a fan of Joanna Gaines? If so, you know she loves using shiplap and there are reasons why. Shiplap paneling is wooden boards that fit together by rabbet joints and used to build exterior siding for barns and sheds. This waterproof design is also used in boatbuilding, hence the name. Shiplap paneling can also be used inside your home and is widely used to decorate farmhouse styled interiors. Instead of painting or using wallpaper, incorporate shiplap into an accent wall, the kitchen backsplash, or in a small bathroom.

When selecting furniture, paints, and textiles natural tones always look stunning. Nautical neutrals draw from the sea, sky, shells and beaches. Whites, creams, and nude tones will add a crisp, clean look to your industrial, farm feel. Cool blues and greens are psychologically proven to help people relax. Additionally, by selecting natural tones the specialty pieces you have chosen to decorate your home with, like wall decor and any antiques, will stand out much more.

Nautical Design interior with shiplap

Creating a space of your own is a big project, but with plenty of options to choose from, decorating your barndominium doesn’t have to be a difficult process. With the decorating ideas we have shared with you above, you are sure to have a spacious home that is filled with stunning rustic pieces and breathtaking farmhouse glam.

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