Traci and Cheri’s New Garage

Robert Armstrong

In 2007 Traci and Cherie carefully researched different steel building manufacturers in search of a new garage building for their mountain home. Their purchase was carefully thought out—after all, they knew they’d be building this themselves to further the savings and they’d be in a remote area on their own so they needed a reliable, easy to assemble building system, manufactured by a company with a solid reputation.

Traci and Cherie chose an Absolute Steel metal garage kit for all the right reasons and were good enough some six years later to furnish us these pictures and give a brief interview of their experience with Absolute Steel, our people, and our products.

It was a pleasure to get to know them better and they were pleasantly surprised to see nearly all the same staff that helped them with their building purchase nearly six earlier.  We believe in long term relationships with all our customers and would enjoy working with you on your next project.

Watch the video below to see what Traci and Cheri say about their building experience…

See below for images they took while constructing their building!

The steel frame assembly for the new garage.

Traci and Cheri took this picture once they got the frame together. Next step – install the panels!


Assembling the wall and roof frames

Here they are using a battery drill and some self tapping screws to put together the wall and roof frames.


Self tapping screws

All new garage, building, and carport kits that we ship out include the self tapping screws that you will need for construction.


Installing the exterior panels

Once the frame was erected, Traci and Cheri then installed the wall and roof panels.


Traci and an engineer friend take a short break.

Traci and an engineer friend take a short break.


Traci and Cheri's new garage finished

This picture is of Traci and Cheri’s new garage as it looked once they finished for the day.