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Energy Star Rated Building Solutions

Energy Star Rated Energy Star is a government program that enables homeowners to make important choices that protect the environment with energy efficient products. Energy Star’s efforts to ensure we protect the environment, and help to bring energy efficient solutions that make your home more comfortable while reducing energy costs.

Absolute Steel is proud to bring products that have earned the government’s Energy Star label.

Metal structures from Absolute Steel have the option, at a nominal cost, to feature Energy Star rated exterior panels. For an improvement such as a carports or metal buildings for use at your personal residence this means considerable savings, not only in utility savings but also by a generous income tax credit.To be quite honest, the difference in price is hardly an issue when you consider the ongoing energy efficiency plus the ability to get some of the purchase price back in the form of a tax credit.

Learn more about how to get your tax credit – up to 30% of the purchase price with a $500 maximum cap!

It might surprise you that we have a wide choice of colors, not just the light colored ones that have the Energy Star rating. Over the years more and more colors have been rated as Energy Star because of the reflective factors that have been built into the paints so in many cases color is not an issue.

So ask your Absolute Steel representative if the color you want is Energy Star rated!

As of June 2010, the following panel colors are Energy Star rated:

Energy Star Enduracote / Exposed Fastened Panel Colors

Note: Aged values approved based on 3 year aged values of Super Alurite equivalent colors.
Emissivity measured by ASTM C1371.
* Indicates color meets the steep slope requirement of SRI of 29 or higher
** Indicates color meets the steep slope requirement of SRI of 29 or higher and the low slope
requirement of SRI of 78 or higher.

Energy Star

Energy Savings with Energy Star

How do products earn the Energy Star rating from the EPA?

Products earn the energy Star rating by meeting energy efficiency requirements set forth by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Those qualifications are met based upon the products compliance to these guiding principles:

  • Products must have significant energy savings while still delivering the features and performance typically expected of consumers.
  • If the Energy Star rated product costs more than the less energy efficient product, purchasers will recover that additional cost in energy savings over reasonable periods of time.
  • Energy savings are broadly available and are not proprietary technologies and they are available by more than one manufacturer.
  • Energy savings and performance must be able to be measured and substantiated by testing.

How Does the Paint Finish Get the Panels Rated as Energy Star?

Basically the paint finish contains infrared reflective pigments that cause those rays to be reflected off the panels rather than heat them up. The following chart shows the effectiveness in reflecting those infrared rays from the sun.

Energy Star Rating