Press Release South Sudan Metal Buildings

Guadalupe Steel Building Manufacturer Exports Include South Sudan


Specialized Building System Supports US Efforts Abroad

Guadalupe, AZ—May 8 2013:  Absolute Steel recently secured contracts with USAID in South Sudan, Africa for the proprietary building system it manufactures in Guadalupe, Arizona and Terrell, Texas just outside Dallas.  The buildings will be used to warehouse vital supplies and will be assembled by local ground crews who have probably never built such a building and they’ll do it with limited access to modern tools or specialized equipment.

Press Release South Sudan Metal Buildings At first glance it doesn’t seem plausible that would be reliably successful or even that steel buildings would be much of an export item given the distance to ship and the weight of such structures but with the characteristics of Absolute Steel’s building system one understands how the company has overcome those obstacles.  

The company manufactures a tubular steel building system that fits together much like a Lego kit; one end is reduced and slips into the next component with all joints being permanently affixed with self-tapping screws. This feature allows the buildings to be packaged compactly into containers and from there; light vehicles and common trailers can penetrate most any theatre of operation.

“Our steel building kits are unique in that they are easily assembled by most anyone with commonly found tools,” says company founder and CEO, Dean Thomas. “And that opens up markets that most companies in our industry just can’t service properly. Shipping overseas is something we’ve done for years – we’ve supplied all branches of the US Armed Services and we have exported to a number of corporate customers in locations all over the globe. With our building system the steel building business is a worldwide market and we’re quite proficient at servicing it.”

Made from galvanized steel to resist corrosion, the building kits use a minimum of modular components and are a breakthrough in construction simplicity.  The buildings are well known for their ease in transportation, durability in all weathers and low capital outlay. “We learned the business by selling metal building kits to regular folks all over the US and we still do a lot of that.  So from the very onset, we have always kept in mind the ease of assembly and the manageable packaging.  And that has definitely paid off when it comes to servicing faraway lands where things might be a bit on the rough side,” explains Mr. Thomas.

About Absolute Steel

Founded in 1999 as Absolute Storage dba Absolute Steel, the company is now the leading tubular steel building manufacturer in America. Absolute Steel went online in 2001. Located in Guadalupe, AZ a suburb of Phoenix the company manufactures steel buildings, carport systems and other structures for governmental use , commercial and private customers.

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