Guest Houses – Where is Grandma Gonna Live?

A modern solution to an age-old family dilemma

More and more families these days face living space problems. They have a home that suits them just fine, but then:

  • Grandpa passes away, and Grandma is lonely – and she’s really too old to be living alone.
  • Cousin Chuck’s condo is ripped apart in a storm, and he needs a place to stay while putting his life back together.
  • Daughter Janice and her new husband are both laid off, and reluctantly ask to move in – but there really isn’t any space to spare.
  • Son Travis graduates from college, but there aren’t many jobs for a guy with a degree in Central European Studies (whatever that is). He needs a place to stay until he finds work.

In other words, times can be tough. Life happens. But people always need a place to live.

Charity begins at home, the old saying goes. But home can get awfully crowded.

So what can you do?

One solution that’s increasingly popular with homeowners is adding a new building, right on their property. To make room for newcomers – or returners, as the case may be.

Consider a Guest House Kit

Many are finding the most sensible way to do this is with a steel building kit. A steel guest house (or “mother-in-law house,” “secondary suite,” “accessory suite,” “casita,” or whatever they’re called in your area) can be purchased and set up for a fraction of the cost of traditional construction. Takes far less time, too. Engineered using the same internationally-known tubular steel building system we’ve produced for years, our guest house kits are attractive, practical, easy to maintain, energy efficient, and built to last and last.

Problem solved.

But what happens when those added residents move on?

There you’ll be, with an extra house on your hands.

Kit Home AlpineCheer up, though. With an empty guest house, you’ll have a terrific place for …

  • Guests!
  • A workshop
  • A home office
  • An exercise / recreation room
  • Or even a space you can rent out, and recoup some of your initial investment.

So if you find yourself space-challenged, consider adding a guest house. We offer you great choices – sizes, styles, floor plans, even colors and exterior finishes. There’s sure to be one that you – and Grandma – will love. At a price that won’t blow up the budget. Great value, and all the help and back-up you need to set it up, from planning to move-in.

Give us a call today to find out more.