Building Green with Steel Construction

Metal Building Company Growing By Focus On Building Green

Building Green with Steel ConstructionPhoenix, Arizona  March 9, 2009 – In the face of tough economic times, Absolute Steel, a manufacturer of steel garages, carports and other buildings, is happy to be gearing up to meet increasing demand for its products.

As environmental and energy concerns grow, boosted by the new administration’s strong stance in the area, Absolute Steel is seeing increasing interest in its environmentally-friendly product lines. Consequently, the company is upgrading its manufacturing facilities to accommodate increased volume. At the same time, they are updating the administrative side of the business, and giving increased marketing attention to the environmentally friendly features of their steel structures. All of these actions are geared toward even further raising public awareness, and preparing to meet rising interest and demand.

Offering complete building kits featuring a remarkably simple but reliable tubular steel framing system, Absolute Steel is a supplier to the US government (including each branch of our armed services), hundreds of municipal and state government agencies, and  thousands of businesses and individuals. Its structures can be found in use across the USA, as well as in Canada and many other countries. The company’s system enjoys a reputation as being the country’s simplest to assemble. In fact, it’s been demonstrated time and again that even people with little or no construction experience can put Absolute Steel’s buildings together, using tools commonly and easily available.

Dean Thomas, the company’s CEO, remarked that although their buildings are well known not just for ease of installation, but also for durability, easy transport and low cost, their green aspects haven’t formerly been given much consideration. “So much attention has been paid to user-friendliness and good value that the benefits for the environment have gone unnoticed to some extent” Thomas comments. “With more and more attention going to concerns of this type – and correctly so – even we are discovering green advantages we’d taken for granted. We’re beginning to call attention to such points in our marketing efforts.”

Standing out from many other manufacturers in this regards, Absolute Steel’s metal building and carport kits are made with steel that is 67% recycled material. All steel components are also completely renewable/recyclable. Further, high-tech coatings and finishes on building components greatly reduce any need for future re-painting or other maintenance, lowering overall environmental impact. Being steel, their buildings aren’t subject to attack by termites or other such pests, eliminating any need for pesticide use as part of regular upkeep and building preservation.

“We’re proud to provide products that meet people’s immediate needs so well, while being environmentally responsible at the same time,” says CEO Thomas, “and we encourage other manufacturers to join us in the effort to safeguard the natural world.”

About Absolute Steel: Founded in 1999 as Absolute Storage LLC dba Absolute Steel, the company established itself on the Web in 2001, at Located in the Phoenix, Arizona suburb of Guadalupe, the company manufactures steel buildings and other structures for governmental, commercial entities and private consumers.

Contact Info:

Dean Thomas, CEO
Kevin McNulty, General Manager

Phone: 480 768 1618

5806 East Mineral Road
Guadalupe, Arizona 85283