Modern Metal Storage Buildings

Today’s modern metal storage buildings are no longer dilapidated backyard shacks. With construction innovation, your new storage structure can be as sophisticated as your home or business. Store tools, equipment, or documents. A metal building can keep cars, boats, or airplanes safe from the elements. Keep your belongings secure by storing on your own property and not in an expensive self-storage unit.

Metal buildings are usually made of steel and built in arch frame or rigid-frame style. Steel is a combination of iron and carbon. Carbon is added in varying amounts for strength. Steel is a practical building material because it is durable in all types of weather but still lightweight. It is an ideal material for storage buildings because it is also fire-resistant.

Arch framed buildings are a very simple construction of metal ribs, interlocked to form an arch, with paneled end walls. These are a quick and economic choice, but the semi-circle shape of the assembly limits storage. Rigid-frame has a steel skeleton framing with a paneled roof and walls. This allows more room but is not as easy to build as arch framed buildings.

Steel is a better alternative to wood storage buildings due to the durability. Steel is galvanized, so it won’t rust or rot. It is pest-proof and does not require treating for termites. Steel will not warp, expand, or settle. There is even optional insulation for added protection from the temperature. You can feel secure storing important documents and delicate items such as antiques in a steel building. Not to mention low maintenance and no painting required, and many metal building manufacturers issue warranties with their buildings, covering up to 25 years or longer.

Dozens of styles, colors, and sizes make choosing your steel building easy and fun. From simple construction to elaborate details, customize your metal building to meet your style and storage needs. Today’s steel construction is so advanced and attractive, you won’t want to call it a shed. Choose the custom size you need. Buildings can be small for garden tools and the lawn mower, or big enough for an airplane hangar. It can even function for agricultural and industrial uses.

Are you the handy type? There are many steel building kits for you to choose. The kits make it easy to finish building in a weekend. First, pour a simple foundation with materials found at your local hardware store. Next, bolt the precut pieces together and raise them to stand on the foundation. There are predrilled holes to make the process even easier. Finish by putting up the sides and door. You can save money on labor costs and finish your building in a few days.

Metal storage buildings are a worthwhile investment. They cost roughly $15-30 per square foot, depending on the amount of detail. Self-storage units cost up from $50 to $300 per month, and may also charge a deposit and require insurance. Also, access to a self-storage unit may be limited to business hours and there may be no security on premises other than your unit’s lock.

Before you purchase your metal storage building, learn the building codes in your area and comply with neighborhood association rules. Many people choose a general contractor or broker to ensure knowledge of local laws. Lastly, get your deal and warranty in writing.

After completing your new metal building, the final step is to move in!