Mother Nature Can Huff and Puff But She Can’t Blow a High-quality Steel Building Down

Believe it or not, a well-designed steel building is a very smart investment, especially when you want to protect yourself and your valuables from harsh weather. Besides being more cost effective and easier to build than conventional buildings, steel buildings are sturdier and built to last.

In fact, quality steel buildings even beat most conventional buildings when it comes to withstanding the elements.
Choose the Right Building Style for Your Area

What are some things you should be looking for when choosing a steel building that can withstand harsh weather? Your geographical location determines the weather disasters you are more likely to face, so check out how well the high-quality steel buildings in your area measure up.

Consider the top 5 elements and see how a steel building with open-web steel truss design can stack-up against them:

1. Blizzards – a high-quality steel building is insulated against cold weather. Look for a steel building with base molding and closure strips to lock out moisture from snow, keeping the structure of your building strong while protecting your valuables.

2. Tornadoes – strong siding for a steel building is a must when it comes to tornadoes. A steel building designed by expert engineers is able to withstand strong winds without damage.

3. Hurricanes – no screws will come loose and there will be no leaks from heavy rains when you have a steel building braced with steel rods instead of cables that stretch. A steel building can withstand hurricane-force winds and a possible structural failure. Also look for anti-siphon grooved sheeting that forces rainwater to run off and away from the building so you don’t have to worry about water damage.

4. Typhoons – a high-quality steel building has girts and purlins securely fastened to provide a thermal break to avoid thermal condensation and leakage.

5. Earthquakes – The reinforced frame of a steel building helps your building stand strong. Wood girts and purlins are securely fastened at 2″ intervals, improving the strength by 50%. This helps your steel building stay solid without warping or twisting, no matter how much the ground shakes.

When you invest your hard-earned money in a steel building kit, you want to make sure it is one that will stand the test of time – and the elements. Knowing the characteristics of a high-quality steel building according to the type of weather protection you are seeking helps you make wiser decisions. Make the right choice to get a beautiful steel building that will provide plenty of years of functional use.