Military equipment enroute to Afghanistan

American Manufacturer Supplies Steel Carports to Troops in Afghanistan

Phoenix, Arizona, USA – November 7, 2010    Absolute Steel ( fabricator of steel buildings used throughout North America, recently announced shipment of their first order of steel carports to our troops in Afghanistan.

Military equipment enroute to Afghanistan

Absolute Steel carport kits are the perfect solution to protect valuable equipment and personnel in Afghanistan. Absolute Steel carport kits are easy and fast to transport and construct, and they easily withstand the harsh desert and cold winter climates.

Dean Thomas, Absolute Steel’s founder and CEO, explained: “All branches of the U.S. Armed Forces use our steel carports. They serve as parking structures, lookout shelters, equipment covers – just about every use you can imagine. The real advantage is that it’s an engineered system that goes up quickly in the field or on the job site. Most anyone can assemble them with simple tools.”  As for the steel carports bound for Afghanistan, Mr. Thomas added, “It’s exciting to think that we’re taking an active part in supporting our troops. When you’re talking about a harsh environment like Afghanistan, I’m sure our men and women in uniform appreciate a little shelter. For themselves and the equipment they depend on.”

Known as America’s easiest-to-install building system, Absolute Steel’s line of steel carports and other tubular steel buildings has been called a breakthrough in construction simplicity. The building system uses a minimum of components, all modular – making for fast assembly even by unskilled labor using common tools.

With manufacturing facilities in Arizona and in Terrell, Texas, Absolute Steel stands ready to supply whatever the Services need next. They make it clear they’re just as ready to serve the homeowner, the do-it-yourselfer, the businessperson, and civic organizations too. Despite tough economic times, the company enjoys a steady and increasing demand. “It might just be that the present sad state of the economy has worked in our favor,” comments Dean Thomas. “More than ever, people are looking for real value and lasting quality, fair prices and solid guarantees. Well, that’s exactly what we provide, and I think folks recognize it.”

About Absolute Steel: Founded in 1999 as Absolute Storage LLC dba Absolute Steel, the company went online in 2001 at Absolute Steel manufactures steel building kits, steel carports and other structures for government, private entities and the general public consumer.

Contact Info:

Dean Thomas, Founder & CEO
480 768 1618 ext 110

5806 East Mineral Road
Guadalupe, Arizona 85283