Continuous Slope with Aisle Equestrian & Livestock Structures

Perhaps our most popular equestrian structure, the Continuous Slope with Aisle is designed to be customized by you, with the ability to add your own wall / stall panels where you need.  This horse shelter has a larger footprint than the smaller Shed Row, so you will want to ensure that space is not an issue.

Continuous Slope Horse Shelter

The covered center aisle keeps storage items dry and provides a sheltered area to access or tack up your horse.  Again, using the ability to place panels to make walls and dividers, you can essentially create your tack or storage area to fit your needs.

Continuous Slope Open Air Barn

Continuous Slope Structure Standard Sizing

  • Standard overall size is 38′ wide and 24′ deep.
  • Center aisle is 14’ wide.
  • Stalls are 12′ x 12′. Standard unit is designed to accommodate four stalls.
  • Peak height is 14’ 3” and the roof line drops down to 9’ 6” high at its lowest height which is plenty of height to keep out of the way of your horses.
  • Need different sizing?  We are the factory and fabricator, so we can certainly create your equestrian structure to fit your specific needs. You can also choose to use multiple base units and combine them to make a deeper structure (in 24′ increments).

Options Available

Note: Images below are shown with only partial roof paneling. This is done so that you can view some of the component details. Unit includes full roof paneling on all models.

Four-Stall Aisle Continuous Slope Main Structure

Continuous Slope Horse Shelter

  • Base model
  • 38′ wide x 24′ deep
  • 4 stalls
  • Add paneling for walls and dividers to fit your needs
  • Starting at $5,357

Four-Stall Aisle Continuous Slope with Corral Option

Continuous Slope with Corrals

  • Base model with framed corral
  • 38′ wide x 24′ deep
  • 4 stalls with corrals
  • Starting at $9,636

Four-Stall Aisle Continuous Slope with Corral & Turn-out Option

Continuous Slope with Corrals and Turn Outs

  • Base model with framed corral
  • Includes turn-outs
  • 38′ wide x 24′ deep
  • 4 stalls with corrals
  • 12′ x 24′ turnouts
  • Starting at $11,619

Additional Details

  • Sales tax will be applied to above prices for Arizona residents
  • If your building code exceeds a Design Snow Load of 20 psf, your pricing may be higher due to the heavy-duty frame that is needed for higher snow loads.

Technical Specifications

All of our equestrian and livestock structures are built with the same steel frame and panel quality as all of our metal buildings and carports. Use the links below to see technical information on our buildings (a new window will open).

Continuous Slope Horse Shelter Base ModelPictured Above and Below: Base model continuous slope horse shelter without the corral or turnout options.
Panels are not yet added to this model.

Base Model Continuous Slope Horse Shelter

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