Semi Cantilever Apartment Parking

Apartment Covered Parking Systems increase ROI

Apartment Covered Parking Absolute Steel has completed commercial carport projects throughout all 50 States and several overseas locations. As a contract supplier to US Federal government, all branches of the US Armed Forces have had Absolute Steel engineer & manufacture for extreme environments both domestically and internationally. Engineers often call out that commercial carports are to be “Absolute Steel or equivalent” for structural engineering specifications.

If you’re adding covered parking to your apartment building, then you need to look at Absolute Steel’s commercial carports. You’re making a big investment.

Why Your Apartment Building Needs Covered Parking

Covered parking is an amenity you can offer for your tenants, or you can charge a monthly fee, as many buildings do. Either way, covered parking is appreciated by tenants, and, for some, it can be the deciding factor on whether to rent or buy in a building.  Without a doubt, covered parking is proven to retain tenants longer.

  • Covered carports provide your tenants protection from the elements, and that makes life easier as a car-owning tenant.
  • Covered parking protects cars from hail and sun damage.
  • Covered carports can help keep car insurance prices and claims down.
  • And who doesn’t love the shade come those dog days of summer, when it means not feeling the burn on sun baked seats in shorts?

In addition to tenant quality of life, covered parking makes financial sense.  By installing covered parking, apartment buildings may experience the following:

  • Increased apartment occupancy.
  • Increased rental income.
  • More lease renewals.
  • Rapid return on investment (in some cases the investment can pay for itself in just a few years).
Small Apartment Covered Parking

Not limited to new construction projects, we can help you retrofit existing apartment complexes, large or small, with covered parking solutions.

Covered Carport Design Options

Three types/styles that are most popular for multi-family dwellings are our T-frame, cantilever, and semi-cantilever carports. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Customizing Your Carport

  • With all frame components delivered in bare steel, your carport is ready to go for priming and painting once you’ve got it installed.
  • On the roof, you can choose 26-gauge roofing panels in at least 13 different shades, including designer colors like Evergreen, Classic Burgundy, Brick Red, and Caribbean Blue.

Solar-Covered Carports

Absolute Steel has supplied solar commercial carport frame systems to a number of solar contractors throughout the continental US and Hawaii. When supplied with the solar array—its weight & dimensions etc. and we know your area’s Design Loads for engineering purposes, we can talk intelligently to you about commercial carports that adequately support what you’re trying to accomplish.

So, When Do You Need It?

The question isn’t why do you need a covered parking system for your building – it’s why haven’t you installed one yet? It adds value to your property. It protects vehicles and people. It improves tenant retention, because their property can be protected. It can even generate income.

Plus, you can do this all on an affordable budget with industry-leading service from Absolute Steel. If we’re trusted by companies and governments in almost every state in the union and in countries around the world, then you know we’ve got the materials for you to do your job right. Find out for yourself why these structures can be found protecting the US Coast Guard, Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, and why they’re in use at universities, huge factories, parks, malls, and so many other places.

When you’re ready for a materials and shipping estimate, we’re ready to help. Give us a call.

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