Car Wash Canopy Shade Structures : Soft Top or Cantilever

Absolute Steel has a solid reputation in the commercial shade cover industry, and we’ve been manufacturing systems since 1999. With manufacturing locations in Arizona and Texas, we can provide highly engineered car wash shade systems for your car wash or auto detailing facility.  Neatly bundled kits are shipped directly to your job site with clear, concise instructions for installation.  Choose from any one of our shade systems, but most car washes opt for the patented SofTop® shade canopy, or one of our full-cantilever systems. Each of these systems is touched on below.  When it comes to our commercial parking systems, architects often stamp plans with “Absolute Steel or Equivalent“.

Car Wash Canopy Structures Fully Engineered & Made in the USA

Cantilever or Semi-Cantilever
Car Wash Shade Systems

Car Wash Shade

The SofTop® Shade Canopy
An Easy and Fast Option

SofTop Shade

Car Wash Facilities are Big Business in America – Keep Yours Covered

Here are a few statistics that may surprise you:

  • The car wash industry earns over $33 Billion annually.
  • Unlike most businesses, there are no “big players” and there are still ample opportunities in this industry.
  • The number of Americans washing their car with businesses has doubled since 2012.
  • Surprisingly, the biggest season of the year for car washing is winter, with over a third of customers turning to car washes to clear their cars of harmful road salt. If you’re unable to service cars in your car wash year-round, you’re missing out on the most profitable months of the year.
  • A whopping 66% of those who use car wash businesses will get their car cleaned 13 times yearly. **

How many of those washes could you land if you had a covered wash bay? After quality washing equipment, offering covered parking for your customers is a must-have for your customers and/or employees.

When it comes to car cleaning, details matter – from every streak to how much your customers like the work your team does. That’s why having a covered car wash is just good business, especially when it means your employees are better protected from the elements, come rain, shine or snow.

Here at Absolute Steel, we’ve got three popular options for car wash canopies and awnings. Our cost-effective, easy-to-install systems include canopy-cover to full-roof systems. Whatever you choose, our products will fend off the weather while standing up to the rigors of your car detailing business.

Priced for Everyone: SofTop® Car Wash Canopies

As the manufacturer of SofTop® canopies, our prices are hard for our competitors to beat. The SofTop® canopy is our budget-friendly solution for cash-conscious businesses. Don’t let the name fool you, because these stand up to hard weather – for years. They’re tough, because we engineer them that way with 100% engineered steel and ultra-durable canopies.

SofTop Car Wash Shade

SofTop® systems are ideal for car wash awnings and providing protection from the elements. The shade and structure come in an easy-to-erect kit with 12-by-12 feet and 18-by-20-foot designs. Each SofTop® canopy system is comprised of a galvanized steel tubular frame and a cable-tensioned shade. All you need is a wrench for tightening the canopy.

  • High-strength, American built tubular steel frame system
  • Durable, handsome fabric canopy blocks 85% of the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Engineered for up to 90 MPH sustained winds
  • Easy installation

For areas with winds under 90 miles an hour, or for those who want a not-so-permanent solution (the SofTop® can be anchored to existing concrete and does not require concrete footers) the SofTop® Canopy is perfect. Even if bigger storms do come, if they’re infrequent and come with warning, then you can remove our canopies and re-install them quickly, so the odd big blower isn’t a concern. For areas with unpredictable and frequent larger storms, see our cantilever options.

Our patent-pending bracket makes it easy to adjust the awning at any time, so it’s a cinch to remove the canopy ahead of worrisome snowstorms or hurricanes. For garden-variety storms, these systems are tough enough to weather most, even handling snow dumps of up to 20 or 25 pounds per square foot.

Click here for more information on the SofTop® shade cover for use with car wash or auto detailing facilities.

Full-Cantilever or Semi-Cantilever Systems

If you’re in an area with regular higher winds or you want a permanent structure for any reason, our full- and semi-cantilever systems are popular choices designed to withstand hurricane-force storms, including hail, for decades. They’re also great if you’d like to invest in solar energy capture with solar panel arrays, as you can install those on the roof.

The full-cantilever system offers unimpeded movement around most of any vehicle, as the support pillars are only at one end. Because the weight is held only at one end, the correct engineering is essential. As a result this model is our higher-end solution, but because of the clearance allowed for vehicle access it is a smart solution. The semi-cantilever system has fewer structural demands by way of balancing the roof at the midway point, which makes it a little more budget-friendly, and its support posts sit just off center.

Full Cantilever
Full Cantilever Car Wash Parking

Semi Cantilever Car Wash Cover

We’ve provided each of these systems for anywhere from two cars to 2,000-car-lot systems, all around the world, so whatever size your business is, we can outfit you.

If these systems interest you, then here’s more information on our full and semi-cantilever systemsYou can also view photos of the installation process and get a good understanding of how they are shipped and installed.

What Works for You?

With these three models, you’ll be in business in any conditions your employees can handle. Ultimately your choice will come down to location, budget, and preferences. If you’re not sure how you’d like to proceed, we’re happy to talk you through the options and the budget considerations.

** Stats source


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