DIY – The Owner Builder

Kit houses and cabins are often constructed by people acting as “owner/builders.”

An owner/builder is an individual or a family who takes charge of the construction of their home. It’s an increasingly popular way to build your own house, guest house or cabin.

Rather than hire a general contractor to handle the whole project, as owner/builder you act as general contractor yourself. This means taking overall command of the project, and hiring sub-contractors to do specific parts of the job. Many owner/builders do some of the construction work themselves, but this isn’t a requirement.

Home, guest house and cabin kits from Absolute Steel are an owner/builder’s dream. For example, with a helper or two and common tools, you can have your new building’s exterior frame, siding and roof all in place, in just a few days.

You’ll save a handsome sum of money.

You’ll also have something else that very few can claim these days: you will have built the basic structure of your own house or cabin, with your own hands.

Special financing is also available to owner/builders in many areas.

If you’d like to learn more about being an owner/builder, here are a few links you’ll find helpful:

Kit Homes and Guest Houses : Fast & Easy Assembly

This is the same steel building system we’ve manufactured and sold for years – it goes together as easily as you can slip two pieces of steel together. We call it Slip Joint Connections.

Easy assembly with our slip-joint connection system!
Simpler, stronger and smoother.

Build your own kit home

Whether you’re thinking of taking the do-it-yourself approach to a new home or guest house, or turning the job over to a contractor, Absolute Steel’s unique steel building system means it will be a fast and simple affair.

Doing it yourself? The work will take less of your valuable time.

Hiring a contractor? Faster job completion means lower labor charges, and quicker move-in too.

Your home kit comes complete with easy-to-follow instructions, fully illustrated. You won’t need a lot of fancy or expensive tools or equipment, either – just a few simple and common tools.

Our buildings have been assembled by all sorts of people – from a single mom and her young son, to married couples (yes, they’re still married!) to seasoned contractors. Check out some of our testimonials.

Save Money – Be an Owner/Builder

Even if you’re an old hand at do-it-yourself projects, you may decide it’s best to hire out some of the specialist work. Electrical, plumbing and the like have strict codes and regulations; pros keep themselves up to date on these, and have the necessary tools and skills. Or there might be some sort of job you’ve just never liked or gotten the knack for. What’s the answer to something like that?

As owner/builder, you do some of the work yourself, and hire contractors to do other parts of the job. It amounts to acting as your own general contractor, and for many people, it’s the perfect way to go.

If you need help deciding, give us a call at 1-877-833-3237. We’ll be happy to answer any questions, and send you a set of installation instructions.

Below is an example of how our structures go together…

The pictures below show a condensed version of the installation steps involved in do-it-yourself assembly. If you need help making your decision, call one of our metal building representatives at 1-877-833-3237. If you are more the “show me” type, take a look at our video installation series.

Step 1

Step 1 - Base Rail Assembly

Base rail installation

Step 2

Step 2 - Roof and Wall Assembly

Roof and wall frame assembly and placement

Step 3

Step 3 - Install Horizontal Supports

Install horizontal supports (some models)

Step 4

Step 4 - Window and Door Frameouts

Window and door frames

Step 5

Step 5 - Install Exterior Panels and Trim

Install panels and trim

Step 6

Step 6 - Enjoy Your Finished Building

Add doors and enjoy your new building!