Home and Cabin Kits Steel Frame

Kit home frame system

The steel at the core of our kit home and guest house frame system is the same high-grade material used in all our tubular steel buildings for many years. Sourced only from proven, reliable suppliers, it meets stringent requirements for alloy content and characteristics. We require Material Test Sheets with every lot we accept, for quality verification.

Our frames are fabricated from 2”x3” and 2”x4” tubular steel. Both 14- and 15-gauge tube are used, depending on load demands for a particular component.

 kit home steel frame roof peak
 kit home steel frame side bend

For example, steel for roof peak sections has a minimum 65,000 ksi (kilograms per square inch) yield-strength rating. This means the component can bear loads in excess of 130,000 pounds per square inch before yielding. Standards like these can mean greater costs for us, but we refuse to compromise where lives may be at stake.

Corrosion Protection

All of our house kit frame components are treated with an electrically-bonded (galvanized) coating, to guard against corrosion. Such treatment is not unusual for tubular steel, but ours exceeds industry norms by 50% – and is reinforced with a tough resin sealant overcoating. The result is framing with such excellent corrosion resistance that we’ve become trusted suppliers to every branch of the US military, for structures in service all around the world.

Your Home Kit’s Base & Walls

Because your entire home’s structure rests on its base rails, our engineers have given them special attention. For simplicity, strength and longevity, all base rails from Absolute Steel employ a unique system of precisely-sized inserts. The design is so remarkably uncomplicated that it’s possible for just two people to construct the walls and erect the wall and roof framing. And you’ll never need a sledge hammer around to “persuade” parts to go together.

Side wall frames attach to the base rails using a similar insert system. This makes small adjustments in wall frame height easy – very important for achieving uniform walls and a snug, secure building.

Another beauty of this simple design is that it can be manufactured without the bending, crushing or rolling other companies must use in their building frames. Such treatment stresses the metal and results in thinned, weakened areas – even fractures, inviting rust and corrosion. This is especially important at your structure’s base, where water can condense and collect.

At Absolute Steel, rather than damaging the metal, we once again use an insert system to form solid connections. This even makes it easier to make small adjustments in sidewall height, with no loss of strength or stability.

 kit home crushed connection
Crushed Connection
(the weakest)

 kit home rolled connection
Rolled Connection
(better, but not the best)

 kit home slip-joint connection
Slip-Joint Connection
(the strongest connection)