Kit Home vs. Traditional Construction

Steel frame construction
Wood frame construction

Old-time home building goes like this:

  • Architects and engineers design the home. If you’ve ever had a home designed, you know this is not an inexpensive proposition.
  • Lumber is shipped in bulk to your home site. Pile of raw lumber

The quality of that wood isn’t always consistent. Some of it is almost sure to be split, warped, or full of knots. Or it may be green – so it will be warped very soon.

The lumber hasn’t been cut to size – either you or your contractors will have to do that chore: figuring out what lengths are needed, carefully measuring, cutting each piece, then getting rid of the sawdust, off-cuts and unusable pieces. (And there’s a lot of waste. Ever notice that construction sites normally include a big dumpster?)

Because of the inevitable waste, it’s standard practice for a builder to order considerably more will than will actually end up in the house. That’s not a scam – he has to; it’s just the nature of working with wood.

  • The carefully measured and cut wood is hand-assembled, and finally you have your home’s frame.

All this requires:

  • a contractor
  • a whole crew of workers (which means pay, insurance, taxes, sick time, etc., etc.)
  • costly  tools and equipment
  • a month or more

Kit home tubular steel construction goes like this:

  • Your home or guest house kit is shipped to you. The frame is steel. No warping, no cracking, no splitting, no knots. It’s ready to assemble. No measuring, no cutting, no sawdust, no waste. Click here for more benefits of steel frame construction.
  • The building is assembled, following the simple, illustrated instructions that come with the kit. Parts slip together easily. This takes just a couple of people, and a few common tools. In a matter of days, you’ve got a complete building shell – frame, exterior siding, and roof.

Slip Joint—That’s the simplicity of it.

Slip joint construction

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