Commercial Carwash Drying Station

Car Wash & Auto Detailing Shade Covers : The SofTop® Shade Canopy

Auto detailing is hard work. Providing shade for your detailers, and for your customers who are waiting is required to keep your facility relevant. Having a shade shelter helps protect employees and vehicles from harmful UV rays and keeps your employees cool and comfortable.  This in turn leads to less breaks and longer employee retention.  Plus, having shade reduces water spots and streaks when drying off vehicles.

SofTop® Shade Canopies also provide a lounge space for customers to hang out in while they are waiting for their clean vehicle. To produce amazing results for your customers, your employees need to be kept cool, especially when cleaning the inside of a vehicle where it can become hot very quickly. The number one thing your company needs to increase customer and employee satisfaction is Absolute Steel’s SofTop® Shade canopy kit to provide the perfect amount of shade. This kit is affordable and top-notch quality.

SofTop® Shade Canopy Kit Basics

Absolute Steel provides two sizes from which to choose. You can opt for a 12-by-12 foot or an 18-by-20 foot canopy kit to suit your needs. Each kit utilizes a cable-tensioned shade system (using only a standard socket wrench to adjust) and is supported by a galvanized tubular steel frame. The frame then has a unique surface coat that protects it’s luster for many years. All of our structural steel is supplied by quality high-grade sources so we have reliability as to the steel meeting or exceeding engineering specifications. The SofTop® Canopy can block 85% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. The most popular use of the SofTop® Canopy is to protect outdoor work environments that can be found at most es where employees detail upscale automobiles.

Commercial Carwash Drying Station

SofTop® Commercial Carwash Drying Station

What Colors Does It Come In?

Our SoftTop® Canopies come in either neutral tan or a vibrant nautical blue. You can create your own custom look by applying a high-quality metal paint and primer to the galvanized steel frame.

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How Hard is it to Assemble?

The only tool you’ll need to help assemble the SofTop® Canopy is a wrench to make it tight. We have a patent pending “Strong Arm” corner bracket that helps make installation and tension adjustments super easy. We made this so easy to put up that we receive thank you letters from our clients for its simplicity. Click here for installation instructions and more info on this system.

Can It Stay Up All Year Round?

To ensure that the SofTop® Canopy stays up we need to know where you are installing it. Whether the Canopy is going in the ground, in concrete or above the ground each requires specific adjustments to ensure its installed correctly.

Sometimes a building permit is needed for the 18 x 20 foot SofTop® Canopy. To help you out we will provide our unstamped engineering plan copies for free. If you need a stamped and sealed original engineering plan, with all structural calculations, there will be a fee of $450. It is highly unlikely that you will need a permit for the 12 x 12 foot SofTop® Canopy as it’s 144-square-foot dimensions are below most building department requirements.

Each SofTop® Canopy can withstand wind up to 90 miles per hour. Our frame is designed to stand all year long, but we do recommend removing the canopy during heavy windstorms or if a large quantity of snow is expected (25/30 psf load or more). We created the canopy to be easily removed and installed, so you can keep it protected during these weather events.

How Much Is It?

Our price gives any competition we have the fits. It’s because Absolute Steel is the source manufacturer of the SofTop® Shade Canopy. The 18 x 20 foot SoftTop® Canopy comes in at one third the cost of the closest competitor. Click here to see current pricing. Each kit is manufactured in the USA.

For anyone outside of the USA, we deliver world-wide. Let us know what your requirements are, and we will figure out all of the different delivery options for you.

Car Wash Shade Shelters

Car Wash Shade Shelters

Let’s Get Started

Keeping your employees happy, means your customers happy. The easiest way to do that is to provide them both some shade. Shade is the best place for wax to be buffed off, vehicle interiors to be cleaned, and the best place for customers to hang out. By installing Absolute Steel’s SofTop® Shade Canopy, you are creating a great work environment allowing your employees to thrive. All you need to do is provide the space and the SofTop® Shade Canopy will do the rest.

We offer other systems for providing customer and employee shade at car washes or detailing facilities. Click here for more on car wash shade.

We’re here to provide you with whatever information you need. Give us a call today to learn more or to place your order.

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