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Covered Parking for Office Buildings 101

If you own commercial properties like office buildings, you know how important it is to protect your investment from a maintenance perspective, but also for revenue generation. Adding covered parking is a value-adding investment that will give you returns for decades to come. With Absolute Steel covered parking solutions for office buildings, you get a product that has stood strong in some of the world’s harshest environments. Find out why engineers specify “Absolute Steel or equivalent” when they draw up plans for their clients.

Whether you’re thinking about a parking solution for a small suite of professional offices or you’re shopping for covered carport for an outdoor mall, we’ve got you covered for parking solutions big and small.

Rule #1: The Right Covered Parking will Provide Return on Investment

No matter why you’re considering covered parking for your commercial space, it’s a smart investment. It adds value to the property, for starters.

  • Do you want your tenants’ customers to have protection for their vehicles and shelter from inclement weather? They’ll be thankful, and this lends to happy tenants with increased tenant retention rates.
  • Your employees, or tenant employees will appreciate knowing their car is covered during their long days in the office. Again – happy tenants.
  • Is it for your own commercial vehicle fleet? Covered parking can prevent damage when your vehicles are parked outside in big storms. This leads to lower maintenance and replacement costs.

Covered parking may pay other dividends, too. Insurance premiums may stay down on your vehicles, or your customers’ or employees’, thanks to overhead protection. Commercial tenants might even be willing to pay for covered parking. For 20 to 40 years, and beyond, these structures will provide you with protection, but also a potential revenue stream, should you decide to charge for protected parking.

Rule #2: Modular Means Smart

Erecting covered parking may seem like a big investment if working on a limited budget, but the great thing about a modular solution like Absolute Steel covered carports is it’s easily done in stages. If you’d like to tackle the job over time, you can do so by adding new sections as your budget allows, and we’ve got ideas to help. A modular solution also allows you to see an R.O.I. on each section as you grow your coverage. Give us a call to discuss possible options.

Ideal Covered Carport Styles for Office Buildings

Whether you want to cover just two cars, or you’ve got an office park servicing hundreds of cars daily, our parking options can be designed to meet your needs. We have other styles as well, but the models that are best suited to commercial needs are as follow.


With two budget-beating styles on hand, the semi-cantilever covered carport is popular with property owners of all kinds.

Cantilever means the roof is supported by a single post, but the semi-cantilever means the post is situated about nearly midway in from the back of the parking structure. A support rafter extends across the top of the post. But the “semi” style means the engineering and installation costs are lower, but it still offers vehicle owners great protection and ample clearance.

Commercial carport semi cantilever system

Both Style 1 and 2 semi-cantilever carports start with a single-seam tube column measuring 10″ by 5″, across which runs a 10-foot rafter. Style 1, though, has a 10″ by 2.5″ purlin running along each of the 10-foot rafters. This slightly less-sleek means of visible support is what keeps the price slightly lower. The more streamlined Style 2 lacks any visible purlin, and that additional engineering takes the estimated installed price to $747 per spot. Installation requires some field-welding for both styles, but that cost is included in these estimated prices.

If you’re considering charging a monthly fee for a parking spot, just $20 a month would see a spot paid off in just three years. Profits, though, will keep coming in for decades, since you can count on Absolute Steel’s 20-year structural warranty at a minimum.

Want more?  Click here for details and pricing on the Semi-Cantilever system.

Full Cantilever

This timeless-looking classic offers a roof that’s fully cantilevered off a single post. It’s a terrific parking solution because the post is situated at the front of the structure, rather than in the center, and this provides vehicle passengers and drivers more space when opening doors. It’s also a little easier to navigate getting in and out of parking spots.

Commercial carport full cantilever

With a 14″ box and a 10-inch, 12-gauge column bearing the loaf for 15-foot tapered rafters, some field-welding is needed to erect this structure.

Want more?  Click here for details and pricing on the  Full Cantilever system.

T-Frame System

For property owners with larger lots, the T-Frame makes use of both sides of the structure, allowing for two vehicles to pull in, bumper-to-bumper. This model looks like the Full-Cantilever on both sides – a central post supporting a 30-foot rafter, which is centered perfectly atop that column. Standing across the lot, this structure topped with an quality roof looks like a capital T.

Office space covered parking T frame system

But when you’re trying to cover trucks and other large vehicles, the T-Frame gives drivers the most space for pulling into the spot, and just like the Full Cantilever model, there’s no post to look out for when parking or opening doors.

Pricewise, the T-frame comes in between the Full Cantilever and Semi-Cantilever systems. The T-Frame’s support post includes a 14-inch box and 12-gauge, 10-inch column, all holding up that 30-foot rafter and Absolute Steel’s 40-year-warranty metal roofing.

Click here for details and pricing on the  T-Frame system.

And How About Solar Panels?

If you’d like to generate additional income from your property, or you hope to offset energy costs, our parking systems are ideal for supporting solar arrays. Why not put your covered parking to work for you?

As solar panel costs have come down, we’ve seen an uptick in property owners opting to add solar arrays to their covered parking. We’ve supplied commercial carport frame systems to solar contractors across continental America and in Hawaii. To find out more from us, you’ll need some information so we can speak to your needs. We’ll need to know the solar panel array’s dimensions and weight, for starters, but also your regional code’s design load requirements, for engineering purposes.

When you’ve got all that info on hand, we’re here to talk about your options.

See our Commercial Carport Gallery

Commercial Carport Gallery
Absolute Steel commercial carport system project examples.

Ready for Painting, Plus Designer Roof Colors

With each of our office complex covered parking systems, you’ll receive the structure in bare metal that’s ready to be primed and painted to suit your property. This means not having to fret about scratches or finish during the installation and welding process.

Then, it’s buyer’s choice for our metal roofing panels, built to last with 26-gauge steel and available in 13 designer colors.  Whether you’d like something more understated, like Hickory Moss or you’re into a vibrant look like with Brick Red, expect our metal roofing finishes to stand up to chalking, peeling and fading for four decades.

And with a class-4 hail-impact rating on our roofing panels, you know your visitors will appreciate the protection your parking structures offer.

Absolute Steel for Absolute Quality Covered Parking

Our parking systems come with a 20-year structural warranty, but these frames have been known to last 40 years and beyond. Add that to the 40-year warranty with the roofing panels, and you’re looking at decades of parking protection.

Having the right structure for your space is key for making the most of covered parking, and that’s why we’ve designed our systems to be easily modified for two spots or hundreds of spots.  We have multiple styles too, which can be painted to complement the roofing color you select and to match your existing buildings.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Engineers recommend our systems, and we’ve been a longstanding provider for the Department of Defense across the country and around the globe.

Let’s Talk About Your Carport

Maybe you’ve had tenant requests to install a covered carport. Perhaps you’re looking for to improve your income streams on existing properties by adding paid monthly parking. Or maybe you’re looking to get into the new energy boom via installing solar panel arrays. Whatever your motivation, Absolute Steel’s commercial covered carports are your solution. Our structures will protect your vehicles for decades.

Find out why governments in cities and states across America have turned to our carport systems. Start looking around, and you’ll notice our covered carports at universities, malls, airports, factories, parks, and all kinds of other places, because Absolute Steel’s carports are among the best money can buy.

When you’re ready for a materials and shipping estimate, we’re ready to help. Give us a call.

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