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Engineered plans

Many companies when quoting steel building prices will have you put down a deposit of 10% and tell you your engineered drawings are included. What they don’t tell you is that the engineered drawings/plans do not contain the concrete/foundation plans. For this, you have to go get a soils engineer (approximately $1500) and another engineer takes that and does your foundation plan.

That will add about $2500 to the plans you thought you were getting “for free” or along with your deposit.

Always ask when obtaining steel building prices and before you give a deposit if the plans include the foundation plan. Fact is, insist on getting an answer to that and you’ll find they don’t in the majority of cases.

With us, your engineering for a building costs $650, and for a carport engineered plans cost $450. In either case, it includes your foundation plan.

Furthermore, we will hold the steel building prices for you while you get your permit. Mind you, this “hold” is not indefinite but it’s plenty of time (case by case basis) for you to obtain a building permit.

No tricks and no gimmicks.

It’s how we would want to be treated.

Manufacturer or Broker?

When you inquire about steel building prices from most companies, they will have you believe they are a manufacturer or fabricator of the steel buildings.  Welcome to the world of smoke and mirrors!

As there are only about 3-4 actual manufacturers of steel buildings in the U.S., (And since we are one, we know this.) it’s highly unlikely that the hundreds of Internet sites are being straight up with you when they claim to be a manufacturer.

They do this because people feel comfortable when inquiring about steel building prices if they are dealing with an actual manufacturer and for the other sales gimmicks they can play on you as described in the next section.

Factory Direct “Clearance Sales” and “Unclaimed Buildings”

With most of these companies, when a person calls for steel building prices and doesn’t respond right away he is typically deluged with repeated calls about factory clearance sales that just happen to meet his criteria or better yet, the infamous closing line that goes something like this:

“Joe down in shipping just let me know about an unclaimed building that just came up. It just happens that it fits your requirements exactly. If you can give us a deposit right now, we can hold this building for you and we won’t call anyone else as it won’t last at this price.”
Hog Wash!

Furthermore, they don’t even have a shipping department because the shipping is going to be done by the manufacturer.

Absolute Steel has sold hundreds of buildings year after year. In all the time we’ve been in business we’ve only had one building that a customer decided not to claim. So what did we do? When we got an inquiry from a prospect concerning steel building prices that fit the unclaimed building size, we put him directly in touch with the building owner and they made their own deal.

No commission, no nothing. It’s called customer service and we know things can happen in a person life and if we can help out in those circumstances, we will.

At Absolute Steel, we’re running a business the way it’s supposed to be run and we’re very grateful for all the Internet has done for us and it bothers us when we see it being abused.

Enjoy all the information within our website, it’s probably the most comprehensive website on the subject, and give us a call at 877-833-3237 with any questions you might have.