Absolute Steel Customer Testimonials

From Doug Webber, Scotia Metals

Hi Dean,

We assembled first Absolute Steel building. When we first started our conversations and insights into your products, I must admit we were a little skeptical, not being able to see a building erected living so far away. We had to make all of our decisions based on photos and correspondence.

I have been in the steel erection business for almost 30 years and have always had to make some corrections or field fitting on pre-eng buildings.

After receiving our building packages from your company I was pleasantly surprised to see the care and quality that went into the packaging and labeling of each building, but the true test was yet to come.

We began by assembling a 20 x 20 standard carport, we did not break out the instructions as it was a very windy day. The assembly went very well, so well that the guy helping me went to get a phone call and when he returner 25 mins later, I had the whole frame together and ready to stand. We completed that building and everyone said that was easy ! I said yes but we are doing a complete building next, then we will see.

We then erected a complete building and sheeted it in.

WELL I must say, the entire building went together like your video shows, IT REALLY IS THAT EASY.

Congratulations to you and your company, it truly has been a pleasure dealing with Absolute Steel. You delivered a product that was the same as shown. A great quality product, professionally delivered from correspondence to order to delivery.

Keep up the good work, I wish all companies could deliver what they preach !


Doug Webber
Scotia Metal Products
188 Joseph Zatzman Dr.
Burnside, NS

From Ben L. on his Mohave Garage,

I just wanted to drop you a note that I really appreciate you and everyone at Absolute Steel. I have finally gotten the garage/workshop of my dreams. The product is fantastic and the people involved were great. All will be highly recommended as they already have been to my friends, family members, and even some complete strangers that have stopped and asked about the garage.

I have never lived in a house that had enough room for more than one car in a garage. I can put three easily and four if needed in my new garage. Thanks for making it happen!

Ken & Belinda V., Arizona

Dear ‘Absolute’,

We love our pool house and game room! Thank you for a job well done!

You saved us money, you did a great job and we are looking forward to lots of family fun out at the pool!

Wayne O, Phoenix, AZ

Dear Absolute Steel,

Originally when I first got a quote on my building from you, you might remember that I thought something “was up”, that the price was just too good and there had to be a catch.

The “catch” turned out to be that your pricing contained no tricks. The price I was quoted, despite it seeming too low, turned out to be exactly what I paid. And the best part is that the building is exactly what I wanted!

I highly recommend Absolute Steel & Storage!

Bob G in Glendale, AZ

Dear Absolute Steel,
In 1990 I retired from my own steel fabrication and erection business, Aztec Steel. Over the years at Aztec Steel we put up a great number of buildings which I was directly responsible for. So, one would be correct in assuming, that I know what a good steel building is.

The building that I got from Absolute Steel was correctly represented and was exactly what they said it was—a great building at an outstanding value. The contractor Absolute used for the erection, K&L Skyworks, did a fine job in very short order. The job was so complete, they even went over the nearby ground with a magnet to make sure loose screws were left on the ground.

I am very pleased and with all my years in the business, I highly recommend Absolute Steel!

Rob C. in Long Island, NY

Hey Jennifer,

I’ll have to take some new pictures when I finish the inside, but I just wanted to show you how mine is turning out. I did something unique with mine :o) I made it a Backyard Patio room.

My experience dealing with Absolute Steel was a pleasure; it was fast, easy, and fun.

One of the easiest purchases I’ve ever made, the expertise of the Sales Staff and Customer Service Department was second to none. The quality is unbelievable, the material is flawless, and it was square and Absolutely cut to size.

We were all extremely impressed with your product and workmanship, this building will be standing long after me and my house are gone.

Thank You very much for making my Patio Room a reality.

Lindsey D. in California

You guys are the best!!! Thank you for everything!

Karl K. in Ramona, California

I have nothing but good things to say about Absolute Steel & Storage.

When I make a purchase, I do my homework. Your prices are very competitive and working with you guys was a pleasure!

Unsure of what I needed to meet my needs, Kevin sent several detailed quotes so I could decide. He was available to answer all my questions and made it easy for me to choose what was right for me.

Since I was just over in California, I decided to pick up my product and save a few bucks in shipping. When I arrived at Absolute Steel & Storage, everything was ready and waiting for me. I was shown around the facility so I could see all the configurations that were available.

I am not the easiest person to satisfy but I have to say, Absolute Steel exceeded all my expectations! I highly recommend them to anyone in the market for this type of product!

Karl K, Owner
Highland Valley Kennels
Ramona, California

Gilbert B. in Lynnwood, Washington

We managed to get the kit fully assembled in only three weekends: One Saturday for ground prep, leveling and putting in the gravel pad; one weekend for assembling the frame and putting in the ground anchors; and one weekend for putting on the back wall and the roof steel.

I am pleased with the way the product went together and the quality of materials. The provided instructions were clear and easy to use. Thank you for building a quality product at a reasonable price!

Gary O. in California

Dear All:
The building has been finished for a good while and I couldn’t be more pleased with its quality and appearance!

It is so strong that even our desert winds don’t faze it! I have looked at several similar buildings framed with the round tubing and they are flimsy compared to mine. My son, along with other family members, help build it for me. Thanks again to you all!

Two Garages built by Sharon B. in California

We have nothing but good things to say about Absolute Steel. We took on a large project and decided to build two buildings at one time. Absolute did an incredible job of pre-fabricating the buildings. The framework and sidings were clearly marked for each building and the instructions were very easy to follow. Because my husband and I did most of the installation ourselves, it took a bit longer than it should have. But we actually enjoyed the project. We rate their customer service as a ten!

One of the best comments came from the garage door installer. He said he has installed doors on a lot of steel buildings, but had never seen one this well built. He appreciated that everything was flush and square.

We highly recommend Absolute Steel, and already have to many friends and neighbors.

Matt F in Prescott, Arizona

I finally have my building up!! It took me a while because I had to work in it in my (rare) spare time. It was funny, my neighbors were kind of suprised I was putting up a “metal building” – because my neighborhood is all log cabins. However, now that it’s done, and it DOES NOT look like a metal building, I’ve had a lot of compliments. The colors you recommended make the building really fit in with the terrain.

As far as assembly, it wasn’t too bad. My brother helped me build it and even though neither of us are construction types, it still went up quickly (once we could devote some time to it). Also, I appreciate the fact you were quick to answer the phone and answer my questions!

Mike P, Arizona

Dear Absolute Steel & Storage,

You were the only people that seemed genuinely interested in helping me create a unique building that would be a compliment to the “Old West” style of my ranch in northern Arizona.

And I have to say, your genuine care was only exceeded by your competence! The people you suggested I work with on the installation worked diligently–even through a snow storm!

Everything was on time, not even a hiccup in any of the pricing, timing or quality–no surprises.

Thank you and I will be ordering my second building within just a few weeks!

Ron S., Phoenix Arizona (Teton Garage Kit)

When my wife insisted that I have a shop built for my two hotrods and get them out of the garage, I contacted a local contractor to get a price. Even though I’ve always known that steel is the most economical method of building, I never really considered that a steel building would look right for our home. Both my wife and I wanted the shop to look like a guesthouse when viewed from the kitchen window which is where we spend much of our time.

Then I found out about Absolute Steel and had them give me a price. What they came up with compliments my home and the neighborhood! When we look out from our home, the shop I got from Absolute Steel & Storage looks just like a guesthouse!

The best part is that the price was over $8000 less than the next competitive bid and that was on a building that measured 24’ wide X 25’ long—I can’t imagine the savings one would get on a bigger building!

I highly recommend Absolute Steel & Storage!

David & Laura C., Tucson, AZ

We purchased our (building) in Dec. of 2003 to cover our horse trailer. It was installed in a timely fashion, came in priced exactly as quoted, and the workmanship in our installation is excellent.

We are quite pleased with our total transaction with Absolute.

Nathan A. in Phoenix, AZ

Dear Absolute Steel & Storage,

I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ to you and the crews that helped with our building. It looks great and you were a pleasure to work with!

Again, thank you, and we are looking forward to many years of enjoyment with our new garage/workshop and rec room.

You saved us a ton of money!

Nathan A.
Colyar Consulting Group
Phoenix, AZ