Metal Buildings Frame System – Absolute Steel’s Smarter Stand-Alone Frame

Our building and garage kits always include our exclusive pre-engineered tubular steel frame system. Designed to strict engineering standards and manufactured from top-grade, multi-coated steel, our building frames are second to none. You can literally see the difference.

Completed frame (Sierra style)
Completed frame system
Steel frame with stucco
The same frame with a stucco finish
Steel frame garage kit
Framing complete
With panels attached
Finished building

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With so much value for your dollar, it’s no wonder our steel building kits are so popular with residential and commercial customers throughout the United States and Canada.

They’re in use by every branch of the U.S. military, as well as countless town, city, county, state, and federal government entities – and our list of satisfied private businesses and residential customers is long indeed.

Just a few of the benefits of our metal frame:

  • Cost effective when compared to wood-frame construction.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Easy to put up. No special equipment needed.
  • You can get instant pricing on a structure that matches your specifications, and have it shipped to you ready to install.
  • No cutting. No waste.
  • You never have to mess with complicated calculations, lists, regulations and codes.
  • Corrosion and rust resistant.
  • Termite proof.
  • Use any kind of siding you want with our frame system – metal panels, wood siding, stucco, etc.

The steel frame systems in all our kits are designed to distribute load stresses evenly, throughout the frame.

Easy to install – and they stand tough!

Other building kits are assembled by attaching purlins and girt to a rigid I-beam. This heavy beam bears almost the entire load stress of the building. That’s why it has to be so big and heavy, requiring a forklift or crane to assemble.

A Better SolutionMetal building frame system

Absolute Steel has come up with what is a better, more economical solution: Distribute the building’s weight as evenly as possible, over the entire frame.

This has proven completely workable and entirely reliable. It costs far less, is far easier to erect, and requires no cranes or lifts, and there’s no heavyweight foundation to engineer and pour. There are no extra bracing members, and no cross-tie cable-and-turnbuckle system to rig up, just to keep your building upright and square.

When you’re done, you’ve got a new metal building that will last just as long as the other type – or longer!

That’s real economy, every way you look at it. Money. Time. Effort. Lasting value.

Exterior finish bonus:

If you are out to make your new building match up or blend in with other buildings on your property, let us know. Our frame system is designed to allow you to sheath your garage in almost any type of finish you desire. Whether you want wooden siding, a rustic log cabin look, stucco or stone, bricks, shingles or shakes, you can do it.

Metal building frame with stucco exteriorMetal building frame with a stucco exterior

Purchasing a Frame Only:

If you’re looking for just a building frame, rather than a full kit including roofing, siding and so on, we’ll be happy to set you up. Just give us a call and fill us in on what you need.

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